Fall's Hottest Label

When you take a glimpse at his natural need for glamour mixed with his classic appeal of sexuality, the first person that comes to mind is Tom Ford! For a moment you think this has to be the American designer’s collection for fall. It just screams risky sexuality mixed with a glamourous entrance right? The master of influences is no other than French designer Alexandre Vauthier. Vauthier expresses himself through his collection which is inspired by his French culture and timeless influences. He is a true artist with show stopping pieces that have taken the fashion world by storm.

Alexandre is passionate about creating such exceptional pieces that are known for their exclusivity. He presents his Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection as an invitation to discover the codes of his Maison de couture. The clothes are hyper sexed up with a bit of budding romance that isn’t hard to miss. The designer admires showing off a bombshell woman who isn’t scared to take on the world while looking wildly Parisian in the process. 

What stood out the most in this collection, was the lipstick red 80’s inspired Thriller tight patent jumpsuit with jutting hip pockets-but for the rest of the collection almost everything came back to black. Vauthier understands that the modern “It girl” on the prowl needs to be ready for just about anything that comes her way.

Getting coffee, running errands in New York, attending a red carpet event in LA, or partying it up in the London Soho district, he has many offerings for all occasions. Knitted body-con dresses in a frisky cheetah print felt very fun and playful. Some of these wild looks began as simple designs, transformed in a matter of seconds into vixen style show pieces. 

His collection is a crowd favourite since his latest looks have been flying off the shelves. The designer knows what he is doing and continues to concur the fashion game. What stood out about his collection to me was how different his design concept is. He shows great strength in showcasing confident women’s wear that would make anyone desire to own his clothes. His style is bold and graphic with romance and sexuality all wrapped in one cohesive presentation. 

True red was a popular colour with a tight fitted slip dress and matching red silhouette heels that came off playfully devilish. His soulful all black dresses were so wild with needless animal prints and thigh high suede boots that screamed fall is here! 

The dressy tight trousers and sheer tops gave off this dark romance and pure mystery with an intense statute appearance. 

Keeping up with the trending season, Alexandre gave a goddess entrance with this metallic gown that looked like the model was sporting liquid gold. Ending the show with just the right amount of chicness was this sheer number that came off so beautiful, elegant, and of course effortlessly signature. 

Out of all the collections I have seen this season, Alexandre Vauthier’s Ready-To-Wear Fall 2016 has to be my number one favourite hands down. 

What do you think of his collection? 

Photography Getty Images/Alexandre Vauthier

Written by Heather Lisa Noire