Hot Bucket In The City

Dive into the world of a mode girl of the swinging 60’s with chic fashion and iconic photographs that was all the rage. A dazzling display of haute couture and ready-to-wear styles that were flying off the shelves! Fast-forward to present time and it seems what was hot in the past is now even hotter today. The fashion industry constantly mines for past inspirations to draw from to create such incredible designs we can’t get enough of.

With so little time and everything looking the same. It seems iconic pieces are coming back to play. Trends can be fun to try out but they don’t have the same appeal that an iconic piece can give you. So what exactly makes an iconic piece relevant? It starts with something that holds up to the test of time. In this case, it seems the bucket bag is rearing to become a classic accessory to have in your wardrobe.

Since the turn of the century, the bucket bag has seen major waves of influences. The bag was originally intended as a stylish, yet sturdy method of transporting five bottles of champaign. Coincidently, as a handbag, it did not become fashionable until a few years later.

The new oversized shape drew influences with its retro appeal. Bucket bags are functional, roomy, and have the illusion of being the petite small bag that happens to fit quite a bit. Coming in a variety of styles, this bag is becoming an everyday gorgeous gem. Perhaps the true secret to success is to pare back and return to the classics. A true silhouette that can be both dressy and casual will always prevail.

Going along with this recent discussion, the current topic of the bucket bag came to me in a truly creative way. I don’t know about you but I love to enter competitions. Not with the idea of winning but to just have some fun. With bucket bags becoming hot for the season, I decided to enter this design competition with Stylish Circle! 

 All you had to do was create a collage with a bucket bag showing how you would style it. I created my look using a burgundy bucket bag calling it “Day To Night.” The idea behind this was we live in a hectic world so why not look chic by incorporating a versatile look. With this burgundy bucket, you can wear it with a black blouse, light denim ankle jeans, and hot pumps! This is my take on a dressy yet casual outfit. Don’t forget to rock dark nail polish, lip studs, cool shades, and an elegant black watch. Spray on some sexy perfume and go out into the city. You will rock it from day to night. 
Others entered but to my delight, I was contacted and won the prize! It was of this beautiful black Calvin Klein bucket bag. The nylon fabric combined with the soft leather pieces makes this a very chic accessory to go with any outfit. 
I paired this bag with snakeskin leggings, a black and grey blouse, and a leather motto jacket. My look stops traffic as to say, “I love Paris but it seems my look is more underground Milano with some London edge.” The icing on the cake was how much this beauty can hold. I never thought I would use a bag as much as I have been using this one. 

If you are still not sure about adding a bucket bag to your collection. Let me tell you that it is a perfect everyday bag you will use more then you realise. I just love this bag since recently, I’m becoming quite the black bag collector. 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire