Winter & Fashion

It takes a lot to impress me. I’m not the kind of person who can just buy anything that I see. When purchasing new items, like designer and premium things. My initial reaction is to pay close attention to every detail. I’ve been in plenty of boutiques around the city that carry such lovely purses, clothes, and more. One thing I find quite irritating; is how they don’t always carry a larger selection. Most of the time while shopping in the stores, I have this little voice inside of me that keeps saying, “BUY IT NOW WOW SO GORGEOUS!” This petite voice can truly get you in trouble and give you buyer’s remorse very fast.

Since winter is coming, it is time to get stocked up on the latest keep sake pieces to officially add in your wardrobe. Reworking how to wear winter’s latest styles can be easier than anyone could ever imagine. This sounds exciting! New trends and classic styles that are anything but boring. So where exactly should you start shopping to find these wonderful selections? 

Skip the boutiques all together and shop online. In this digital age it seems online shopping is becoming a favourite of many customers. They find it very convenient when you have a busy schedule and can’t always get to a store. There is also a bigger selection of items online. Businesses make it easy for you to save quite a bit with free shipping and discount promo codes.

So why exactly do we love to buy things? Believe it or not, buying things fulfils one of people’s most fundamental needs, to communicate “this is who I am.” Shopping can affect your happiness and boost up your mood quite a bit. Buying things is a way to express yourself and let people know what your signature style is.

I shopped on Sammy Dress’s website for a gorgeous sweater dress and a beautifully structured red tote. I really desired to find a pair of leggings to go with this entire look. To my delight, I found these amazing snake skin faux leather leggings at Zaful. Both websites were easy to navigate when choosing items. What I loved most about them was the broad selection they had available. You can find all kinds of amazing clothes, shoes, and handbags at the touch of your finger. 
Sweater Dress (here) Python leggings (here) Red tote (here)

The customer service was truly professional and helped me when selecting my proper size. My clothes and bag came very promptly and I love the signature conformation. You feel safe in knowing your items will be delivered right to you. Opening my packages, I saw how soft and warm my grey sweater V-neck dress is and I just adore it! The leggings are super chic and give off a cool chick vibe. Pairing this style with a red tote adds just the right amount of colour. I’m normally a black bag collector but for this beauty I will make an exception! 

Raw hems, asymmetric cuts rough things up as they fit in so perfectly, with my fall minimalistic leisure silhouette. The season offers updated street wear-influenced cuts and subtle shades from grey to true red. Mix this style up with rad-looking accessories for a personal, on-point look. I love wearing a classic leather watch to give a casual yet classy feel that is anything but ordinary. 

Don’t be left in the cold this winter. Check out these websites you might just find some amazing new styles. 
Check out more chic styles at Sammy Dress

Written by Heather Lisa Noire