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  As far as this season’s trend alert is concerned, Leopard print is defiantly a neutral tone. It is a favourite to many chic fashion folk, who are not afraid to step outside the beige box. Some enjoy wearing the print regularly, often wearing up to five leopard things at once; coat, shirt, bag, shoes, and even carrying wild cat tissues. And, no, you don’t look crazy-you look cool as hell!

Not being traditional is being branded as becoming more progressive in our fashion choices. What you pick to put on will have a profound effect on you once you walk out that front door. You will receive many looks, some in a positive way, others more hateful, only because those people wish they had the guts to wear what they wanted. So why can’t people just be comfortable in their own skin? It starts with liking who you are and not being afraid to challenge the everyday norm.
 When I consider leopard print, the first thing that comes to mind is that classic Vanity Fair portrait of Jackie and Joan Collins in the backseat of a limousine in L.A. Both women are wearing sunglasses and dawning leopard coats, while looking like truly foxy ladies. 
Some people never looked at leopard print as fun or cool, until Kate Moss changed the perception. Always dodging paparazzi in the London streets, Ms. Moss was swallowed up in the perfect three-quarter leopard number, collar up, jeans just skinny enough to make the coat look fierce. 
 At the start of winter, the collections were having fashion get more personal with hot spots taking on the catwalk with a walk on the wild side. The big cat motif is all the rage for winter, appearing on outerwear, dresses, and beyond. Designers like, Dior, Michael Kors, D&G, Isabel Marant, and Louis Vuitton had boudoir-inspired ready-to-wear pieces that were ever so popular. It seems this season everyone is leaping right into leopard, to ensure a big cat wardrobe takeover. 
 For me I’m heading to Milan, in this classic leopard coat that is literally a work of art, with the leopard print adapted from many wild illustrations, that collaborates with a very Versace fashion house feel. By dawning an all blackout look with this coat, it becomes a legendary statement piece in more ways than one. 

I love the endless versatility of this beautifully soft and frisky coat. You can wear it casual over a pair of skinny jeans, black v-neck sweater, and a pair of leather ankle boots. It is important to play around with this print and wear it over an evening dress when strutting to a cocktail event, or being classier contagious, and sporting it while doing some much needed holiday shopping. No matter how you rock this 60’s inspired mode coat, it is best to bring out the most attractive features.

The fashion crowd will leave with cooing envy when they see this incredibly chic Zara Leopard print coat! They will be requesting one for each of their fashionable wardrobes. Zara has some incredible clothes, accessories, and even little odds and ends that are perfectly tailored to the fashion girl in the city. 

There’s something about the way this coat is put together: exuberant but nonchalant, sometimes daring, always classy, with a bit of a chic edge that is as cool as it can be with a sophisticated vibe. Are you heading to the Egypt mythical jungle this winter? Then you need this Zara coat in your life, so you can be queen of the jungle in this new seasons obsession. 

That is just the thing-leopard print is season less, versatile, and always in fashion. And while everyone around the world has a different forecast, this coat will always be cool to wear constantly. It is the perfect thing to wear when flirting with Milano pool boys, rugged doctors, and drinking fine wine during the day for a flirtier approach. 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire    

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