The Ultimate Jet Set Gift

   Historically, the month of December reigns supreme in jewellery sales. A shiny new pair of unforgettable earrings, topped with an equally impressive necklace to match is the ultimate luxury gift. What is a luxury gift? Something that can give you the feeling of a precious item that can become dear to your heart.

Jewels can give you this desire to pack your bags, and head off in a beautiful private jet to Australia! The long flight time and the ability to select an aircraft from an utterly impressive view is becoming best in travel. The best gift anyone could give is a pair of traveling must have accessories. Not only are these items gorgeous, they have the ability to become highly versatile.

What can really catch your eye, and stop you in your tracks? Something colourful! It seems our eyes tend to be drawn to bolder and statement looking pieces. This goes for earrings, necklaces, shoes, and even handbags. It is important to always pick something that has a classic feel to its style. Why settle for bland when you can mix it up with a more unconventional look.
I love it when the most eye catching accessories, pair perfectly with the most casual yet dressy outfits. I recently got contacted by Happiness Boutique to do a collaboration. When I checked out their accessories, I loved how charming their style is with the ultimate vintage touch. They have eye catching designs, with beautiful prints, and vibrant colours. 
Happiness Boutique provided an engaging and pleasant shopping experience. They offer customers free shipping on all merchandise, as well as a customer rewards program. The company is also hosting a bi-monthly giveaway; on their website and you can enter to win! 
The blue moon drop earrings, and statement necklace serenity blue looks great with a v-neck black silk blouse paired with light blue skinny jeans and grey heels.
This jewellery is perfect. Not only does it make a casual dressy outfit look nicer, it is super chic and makes getting ready to go out in the city more convenient.  
 Are you a jewellery addict kind of girl? Thinking of heading on a private getaway this season? Don’t forget you need some amazing accessories to help keep your wardrobe looking glamourous and fresh this season. 

At checkout type the code bauchlefashion and you will get 10% off your order of over 19 Euros, it is valid until December 16th! This will make Christmas shopping so much easier.