Top 5 Gifts For Men

“May you have joy to the world in this December season,” summing up the tone in a nutshell. On certain days, from different angles, the world looks upside down. People are rushing into stores, looking for the best products to buy for their families, friends, and anyone who is close enough to feel related. It has become one of the biggest trends in 2016, to start Christmas shopping a few months earlier.

When you look at the calendar it is only November but from the looks of holiday commercials popping up, decorations appearing all around, it seems like Christmas is becoming more currant. Why are people shopping so early though? Well by popular belief, it seems the best prices on must have items is to good not to pass up. Many retailers are having massive sales to lure customers in to get the best deal. Nothing wrong with saving especially if you get something truly special.

What is the best way to handle holiday stress? Simply go to your nearest café and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. It may sound cliché but studies have shown doing something you enjoy can actually bring down stress levels. For some strange reason, it seems a lot of people act so crazy when the holidays come around. It is better for your state of mind if you just don’t take it so seriously.

The biggest challenge anyone will face this season is finding the best gift for the men in your life. It can be tough if you don’t really know what are the best items to purchase. Do I go with a tie, or is that cracked? It can be really hard if you don’t know the best item to get that won’t make you seem like you guessed this year. Don’t worry though, believe it or not buying for men is easier then you could ever imagine. Why is this? Well, most men are united with perseverance and they tend to not be as picky.

It doesn’t mean you can’t buy them something that they would really enjoy. The best thing you could ever do is surprise your men! Like women, men enjoy being surprised it is human nature. Ever since we were young waking up on Christmas morning, it was a thrill to see what kind of gifts were underneath the tree. Even today as adults, a lot of people still enjoy the rush of a surprise especially, when there is a positive outcome.

Walking in the shops can be overwhelming when you are not sure where to start. Don’t feel lost in this wild holiday rush, I have you covered on the top 5 best gifts to buy for men.

Style Factor- Endless style will come and go, but certain treasures- much like the loyal pulse of rock ‘n’ roll-will always be revered. These subtle ankle boots, well-constructed with leather and an edgy feel, will have your man excited to let his inner rock star out while still looking street style chic. If you buy him boots he will thank you since they are a worthwhile investment.

A Time Piece- Premium leads to being stopped in time. It is a matter of technique that leads to technical mastery into an arm candy series, inspired by the oh so mysterious gentleman. Armed in sleek chain bracelets, leather straps, the new black and silver edition orders a timeless accessory that will go with anything in your man’s wardrobe. Pick him up a watch that will not only exclude the norm but will have a timeless feel.

 Rethinking the activity accessory, designers are making a monster of sorts in this renovated backpack that boats militant rigour and demonic edge. Decorated by different rough ends of leather, visually these fashionable pieces are sure to wake you up. Let your man’s adventurer come out of the jungle and go on a journey in the city. Whether he is heading out for a meeting or just catching his next flight, a backpack is the perfect accessory to use more often than once.

The Best Fabric- Reminiscent of the customizable days of artisan quality, the best fabric announces its upscale to order program. Using the finest materials and a tremendous range of styles, this just-for-him line of gorgeous suede jackets allows boundless variations, from fabrication to colour to the slightest finish. The suede jacket has elegance, appeal, and the variations of being highly versatile. It can go with just about any outfit and always look very suave.

The Scent Will Last- Dive into the first intense journey head first with a diverse collection of some bombastic scents, that call to mind elemental personalities from all across the spectrum. The scent you buy for your guy shows off his dynamic personality. From the spicy elements-aligned with black pepper over amber –to the airy rose-offering floral tea beside a light white musk, the fine fragrance dance between light classics and the dark sparkle of a sensual twist. For reference, it is always nice when your guy smells fantastic! Get him a one of a kind fragrance. On occasion they come in sets and can offer other nice treats.

In the art of living a hectic life, don’t let this holiday season 
overwhelm you or make you feel down. Pick yourself back up and take on Christmas shopping, for the men in your life as a fun activity. How do you like the top 5 list, will you be getting your man one of these items? 

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Written by Heather Lisa Noire