10 August 2016

6 Essentail's for traveling in style

Time goes by so quickly that in a blink of an eye it is already August. Can you believe it was just July yesterday? Summer is over and fall has just begun to creep up on us in the best way possible. Going on holiday isn’t just for summer or special occasions, sometimes you just need to get away from it all and reflect. August is the best time of year to plan on going somewhere different. Even though it is exciting to travel there are some negative sides. It can be overwhelming and stressful on how crowded airports can get. This can cause the worst headache in the world. Before the long lines, getting through security, or even planning on what you will do once on the plane, most of us are too busy cracking under pressure over what to bring with us.

Have you ever seen those movies where the character brings everything with her, as if she has to have a million pairs of shoes in one small suitcase? It is funny at first glance but then you realize, wait am I like this? Most of us tend to try and take our entire wardrobe with us. Unless you are planning to move to another country, you don’t need your entire shoe collection. The first rule of thumb when it comes to packing for a fun and adventurous holiday is pack light. It may sound easy enough but not everyone knows the meaning of packing light. Or even what you should bring on the plane to feel more at home.



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