9 resolutions every girl should make

At the beginning of every year we get to a point where we sum up all of our choices-both good and bad; things we’ve done and those we’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to do them. We think of people we’ve loved or failed to love (enough), the choices we’ve made at work, etc. Hoping they’ll be both a lesson and reminder of the way we’ve lived, and a nudge into a direction we’ll find way better, healthier and happier.

A part of our resolutions has much to do with our physical and mental health, as well as with the way we let the world perceive us through what we wear and the way we behave.

Unfortunately, not always do our resolutions come true simply because most “changes” are borderline unrealistic expectations, things that sound good in our imagination but don’t have a base in reality. Or, even if they do, they are not something that can be started “from tomorrow” but demand a lot of hard work and commitment prior. This is where the disappointment hits and people lose their initial self-encouragement. Hey, no need to let things happen that way. You can have your cake and eat it too with just a bit of a healthier approach-be realistic about what you can achieve and go from there.

     Here are some things you’ll want to do in the grand 2017 (hint: some of them have a lot to do with fashion):

Travel more
Grab your passport and book a destination. Or go on a road trip-by yourself or with someone you love. Go to a place far-away, or simply travel around your country. It will bring you joy, new experiences, new people and happiness.

 Freshen up your wardrobe

Starting fresh has a lot to do with the way we present ourselves to the world; naturally, a part of it is the attitude while everything else revolves around the colour, cut and fabric you’ve got on your back. Surprise yourself with a shopping spree that will make your head spin and your face glow with happiness!

See people more
Stop prioritizing work over the people you love. They are your core, your love, your happiness. Work it out; find the people to love them (back). They must fit into your schedule, no matter how overbooked it is. This sounds so depressing, doesn’t it-the fact that you have to find the time to love someone?
Well, it feels the same. So, change it.  

     Commit to a workout
Start loving yourself by committing to a workout you won’t be skipping on. It’s not about looking fit anymore-it’s more about being healthy and upbeat.

Invest in evergreen pieces
A good style is timeless; owning evergreen pieces like a tailored jacket, cigarette pants, a quality LBD (in all lengths), a fine hat and at least a pair of shoes that fit like a glove is a must. Make it your business to shop for a few timeless chic wardrobe items, get the elegant day dresses online and start the year like a real lady-boss. Also, don’t be afraid to go a bit edgy and opt for brave tomboy fashion outfits.

Become more confident/ take some chances
Investing in yourself (the wardrobe, makeup, figure, education, etc.) should end in grand confidence and self-respect. Since you’re the one that will be doing it (and has been doing it so diligently so far), you should realize your worth and show the world what you are made of. When you are confident, people notice it and you attract good things which will help lead a much happier life overall. Don’t hesitate to take chances and boost your confidence.   


    Up your makeup game

If you’ve grown tired of your current makeup game, change it! Nobody said you have to commit all-things-nude the next 50 years, have they? Browse through some of the amazing YouTube channels or website with phenomenal makeup tips and explore your options. You’ll adore your new face in 2017!

 Embrace pampering

If you’re already working a lot, why wouldn’t your reward yourself with a little pampering? You should! Commit to salon visits every week, whether it’s for a hair appointment, massage, facial, mani-pedi or some other beauty treatment. Love yourself first and indulge in little things. That’s the key.

 Fall in love

Please do. You’re too gorgeous not to love and be loved.

9 resolutions every girl should make, was written by Claire Hastings, a Guest post contributor to Bauchle Fashion, founder Heather Lisa Noire

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