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A head turning year for fashion lovers. Captured on the streets of New York, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Paris and other cities with a vibrant and avant-garde fashion scene, these exceptional images are celebrating the spirit of unconventional style and the people who flaunt it.

“The best fashion show is always on the street. Always has been, always will be,” legendary street style photographer Bill Cunningham. In recent years, an increasing number of photographers have caught on to the secret. With an explosive popularity of photographers, and fashionistas documenting the outfits of passers-by on city streets and around the globe, hundreds of photographers chasing chic street stars outside runway shows have become a ubiquitous feature for fashion week.

More people are dressing with cameras in mind; as a result, cool outfit’s and mind blowing accessories have gotten wider exposure online.

In 2017, a world wind tour of international style, from extravagant fashion attendees decked out in Fendi, Celine, and Chanel, to more eccentric trendsetters giving us a first look into some of our favourite high-end designers, as well as newcomers we never heard of before. The freedom of expression is becoming widely celebrated with art imitating life through what we wear. This year seems to be the ultimate gallery calendar for 2017, with every week, month, even day, becoming ultra-expressive.

 If you wish to know what the hottest trend is at the moment, you can find out quicker on the street style underground in an instant. Covered in the chicest styling, each photo represents an interpretation of how that person rocks this look in their own way. You can still express your own style through a trend without losing sight of yourself. 
 As trends become more advanced, it seems designers are sticking to a lot of old school techniques. Retro is coming back whether we embrace it with joy, or hate it to pieces. In this case, I love this one! It’s official, comfy fashion is back in style for good. From comfy trainers gracing our feet with some leather leggings, long coat, and cat-eye sunglasses, graced not only in the streets, but offices everywhere (even the catwalks), and now the coats of our school days are back in fashion. 
Topshop velvet puffer by Unique
Welcome in the puffer jacket! If you are the type of person who doesn’t feel like putting on something fancy like a leather blazer, fitted denim jacket, this puffer is the perfect style of jacket to keep your chic creed without resulting to losing your style cool. 
Cara loves to layer her puffer, looking model chic.
Here is a throwback of a style from across the decades, that is finally making its debt. Check out this impressive street style underground gallery of the iconic puffer. 

Photography Topshop, Pinterest 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire


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