Electric Colour

Welcome to the February issue, or-if I may use a brighter term-the new bolder hues are here! If you have crazy-good eyesight, you can scan this whole style from the photo above. No you are defiantly not seeing things, electric bold colour is all the rage. I know what you’re thinking, 80’s fashion? You can keep that knackered mess and be done with it. It is February 2017, and it seems a lot of high end designers are pulling inspirations from the past to interact with the present.

There is something so tangible, and rewarding, in seeing inspiration come to life. Designers get the idea of what the artsy audience desires and that is to be seduced by art. In this latest issue, you will see the first looks from the new fashion season-all the fabulous pieces that we dream about-and our revamped instant style inspiration through these new hot looks. Why have only one option for an outfit when you can have six? (Fashion is for those who wish to express individuality, after all.)

And what goes with everything? A perfect pair of envious pastel lipsticks. We are always on the hunt for one that makes you look more of a fetching version of yourself. You don’t even have to be born in the early 80’s to like something old. With the large amount of vinyl records becoming collectors’ items. It is no wonder that retro is so hot right now. The flamboyant pinks, elaborate yellow, ravishing reds, and cheeky green, is what makes these glamourous tones even more addictive.

If you want to look hot, getting decked out in Versace, Moschino, isn’t a bad deal! Against a graffiti backdrop, the editorial showcases even more drama that we just love. Mixing colours, whether in solid blocks or geo patterns, brings a gorgeous 80’s vibe to the season.

When it comes to being inspired, most fashion lovers don’t have a single clue on how to rock a style that just seems far out. Insane bright colours are stunning at first glance, but what scares people is not knowing if they will end up looking like they belong to the circus. No one wishes to turn into a clown, especially since February has just arrived.

S0 how exactly do you wear this trend with pride? The number one rule is to just be comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it could be a leather biker, jeans, or crazy hues that resemble a cotton candy shop. It all comes down to your confidence level. If you notice some starlets will be wearing the most horrid dress you have ever seen, yet they have this inner confidence of feeling like they are decked out in priceless diamonds. Nothing else matters when you feel comfortable in your own skin, confidence is defiantly key here.

The other way to have a winning look, is by trying each hue in a less is more way without doing too much. If you don’t wish to resemble Jem and The Holograms, then you can always go for a more mode chic approach. Try mixing yellow with pink, or pink and red seem to be a winning combination. Go for a bolder blouse mixed with a pair of denim jeans and some killer heels to complete your look. If you need any outfit of the day inspirations, check out these 6 killer styles.

Glammed-up 80’s dressing triumphantly returns with an array of popping colour-inspired hues. 

Photography by Chris Nicholls
Styled by Zeina Esmail 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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