Logo Statment

The new spring fashion most certainly focused on emboldening women, through easy beautiful clothes, that seemed to augment rather than merely add ornament. Designers returned to the classics-suiting, timeless jackets, clutches and trench coats-but reawakened them for a new generation through exaggerated proportions or subtle deconstruction. This was power dressing, but not like we have seen before.

Many of the women featured at fashion week, exude and exert power in a very modern way, that is to say, not in an overt, aggressive display (like perhaps shoulder pads once did); rather, the power of these women comes from the full, confident assertion of who they are as women, with no fear of being soulful, passionate, creative, savvy, sharp, or even showing a sense of fun.

Soft power seemed too gentle a word for what they embody, hence why we decided to call NYFW Super Women Worthy.

Getting highlights of the latest collections, showcases exactly how strong women strut down the catwalk with some eye popping designs and even more interesting patterns.

As women, one thing is for sure, many of us adore designer’s inability to produce marvellous scenes. The catwalk is filled with models in a production that resembles a play. It is as if Broadway came alive and you are tuning into a dramatic sequence.

Productions aside, it seems the fashion industry is starting to resemble the film industry. Turning commercials into short films and causing the audience to provoke some sort of emotion. Be it lust, sadness, passion, or better yet, a thrilling scene. It seems it is up to the audience to delve into their imagination through the screen.

Fashion is my religion, Tres cool, and Cindy Crawford. T-shirt’s emblazoned with words, phrases, or even a political statement, have been rocking down the runway at debut shows this week. It isn’t just the catwalk that is seeing these wordings, the streets are taking notice and rocking them with pride.

As a bag addict, it seems designers are not just expressing logos through what made them famous, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and YSL through their handbags, but the new and addictive logo has to be on your shoes.

Yes, that is right, I said your shoes! In an ever trending world, it seems many years ago fashion enthusiasts were screaming from the roof tops how tacky having logos on your bag were. When in reality, some designers made this rather famous.

As a fashion addict myself, I love logos and I never bought into the hating squad since I felt designers like LV, Gucci, and even Chanel had a right to keep their legacy alive through inspiring designs.

But in contrast to the logos popping up on statement t-shirts in the cities around the globe. It was only fair to announce another hot trend that is not going anywhere. In fact, you might even hate it.

Personally, the logo landed pumps, trainers, and flats are surprisingly hot! Mission statement shoes make being a walking billboard amazingly chic.

Don’t know if this statement trend is right for you? Check out these amazing style ideas to get inspired by. Who knows you might be a logo queen and not even know it yet.

This spring I’m looking forward to all the new styles, bright and bold colours, and pushing the envelope when it comes to art.

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