LFW'S Unique Experience

London Fashion Week kicked off into high gear following the end of NYFW showing off the latest collections of the season. It was a world wind display with Topshop’s Unique collection previewing their see now, buy now policy. 

Over the last few weeks, brands including Tom Ford, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren staged their first shopping runway shows, enabling customers to buy their collections immediately after they debut on the catwalk, with aim to translate the interest and excitement generated with runway shows into sales.

In the past, people would attend shows and watch with anticipation to lust after a gorgeous jacket, or legging. But most of us knew in the back of our minds, being able to get your hands on those items was near to impossible.

Now in 2017, it seems more designers are trying this “see now, put in my cart, and purchase policy.” For retailers and customers alike it has become the most successful way to market new collections especially for LFW.
Iconic designer Tom Ford had his best day of the year following his New York show. The idea that you can buy immediately after the show, combined with seeing the whole collection on the floor at once, gives customers a sense of urgency to buy now!

In turn, the new Burberry collection that showed at London Fashion Week on Monday sparked an instant uplift in sales.

Topshop Unique, sold off a lot of their garments during the catwalk shopping experience. The Unique collection’s theme looked towards flirty, polished chic glamour, that defines London’s ‘it girl’ look.

Call it casual, feverish nod to the 60’s early 70’s dressing, with bold high patterns and colour blocking being the extravagate theme.  

What most intrigued me about the collection, was how diverse each style was throughout the show. You could picture yourself wearing several of these items, without feeling like you have to be on an editorial shoot to get away with the high impact blouses, and embroider jackets with edge.

Topshop’s Unique show captured new heights into exploring the world of see now, shop now experience. 

Photography by INDIGITAL

What are your thoughts on the latest collection? 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire 

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