Sparks Fly-Oscar Worthy

When we come to look back at the surreal, strife-torn, and turbulent times we’re living in, what will we see reflected back at us in the mirror of fashion? Of all the improbable things, I’m banking on the emotional solace of the million and more spangles the designers have literally sprinkled all over the shows, from New York to London and Milan and back.

Saying yes to the defiant and optimistic shine of sequins, glitter, and glamour that lights up the night and keeps us coming back for more.

Fashion, of course, must always reset its compass by how we’re feeling. When fashion offers the chance to get ourselves up in fabulous spangles-if just for a disco-minute-it says that we are not defined by our troubles: We will defy them.

Those thoughts echoed in our minds as we were entertained by the razzle and dazzle of old timely gorgeous centrepieces.

When we think about the Oscar’s, what comes to mind rather quickly is the acceptance speeches, the timeless style, and of course iconic moments.

Margot Robbie's Oscar Performance

This weekend, the show will come alive with plenty of incredible scenes. What is defiantly most anticipated about the show is what stars will be wearing. 

The most coveted Oscar performance look, was this gold sequin gown that was draped over Margot Robbie. She resembled this timeless goddess, rocking this electric dress by Tom Ford, that looked identical to the award itself. Dripping in liquid gold, with an ethereal type complex, she looked so radiant with an old Hollywood glamour.

There’s a myriad of reasons and historical echoes behind this fashion firework display, but I think we can trace it back to the great style icons of the decades. The actresses that come to mind with this chic display, are the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Trying The Trend Out

Decades later, emerging with a gold-platformed, sequined-hot-playful vengeance. In these glam-rock moments, fashion lovers on the streets are loving this golden revival. 

While stars like Robbie, may walk the red carpets in spangled couture, glitter and glam, fantasy are becoming courageous, uplifting, and defiant.

Just in case, you’re interested in finding out how to incorporate glitz into your wardrobe so you too can be Oscar worthy, defiantly stick with the classics.

If you wish to try out a dress, then make sure it is shiny, yet wearable. Don’t overload on the accessories, think natural and easy. The dress will shine through all on its own without being overly dressy.

A full on dress can be somewhat intimidating so go with a one-piece design instead.

The number one style that everyone is going mad over! Has to be a metallic gold pleated skirt. This pleated skirt has been around for several seasons, and each time it is styled in a new way, making it ever more appealing and a show stopping staple piece. A golden skirt is an exception, that is now the perfect piece to go from desk to dawn with simple accessory changes.

My favourite idea about this look is how anyone can get away with adding some femininity into their wardrobe without having to sacrifice a little edge now and then.

Still feeling unsure? You can keep it easy and effortless, by sporting a long sequined coat, like Gigi Hadid does while turning heads in her glitzy ensemble that has a dressy yet casual feel. She defiantly knows how to make an impact at Milan Fashion Week.

As we look forward to seeing all the a-list stars take on the red carpet. We will defiantly be scanning their looks to see a glimpse into their retro influences with a bit of glitter attached. Here’s hopes to sparkles flying this weekend. 

If you would like to learn more about this look, and shop it check out this link to Brand And Beauty here.

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Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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