The Colour That Is Red Hot

When this season was being pulled together, a happy energy emerged that seemed almost electric. Can you believe it is already spring? It seems like just yesterday everyone was frantically searching for that fresh winter coat. Even though the weather is changing in some parts of the world. It seems trends are becoming sort of confusing.

The colour of the season, according to one ‘fashion expert’ was burgundy. Last I checked, that seems more of a fall or winter tone. As a fashion fanatic myself, I can’t see burgundy being a thing. Especially for spring!

When you first think of spring time, what comes to most people’s minds is pink or pastel colours. That may indulge some people’s tastes but personally, I prefer something a bit more daring. Floral prints have been showing up in catalogues with flowy dresses and charismatic presence, it still doesn’t seem to catch my attention.  

After a very long winter, everyone craves a little colour and there’s nothing like a pop of bright red to instantly lift your mood to a natural high.

I know what you’re thinking, how can red be any different then wearing burgundy? The difference is even though red can sometimes be considered a seasonal colour, it tends to have more of a vibrancy that keeps customers and fans coming back for more.

Even if you are a style conscious individual who can’t be bothered with trends, rocking this bright colour can change your thoughts in a heartbeat.
Speaking of style, there is nothing chicer than painting the town in a beautifully toned red colour. I have always thought of red as a romantic tone, it gives off this passionate feel while still embodying a classy element. 

Designers like, Alexander McQueen, Gucci & Valentino are all adopting the luscious red trend in these crimson styles for the new spring collections. If you wish to stand out from a darker gloomier background, than take a trip with some gorgeous colourful ensembles.  
Below is a select mix of embellished gowns, elegant separates and silk dresses from the spread. These styles shine by being alluring and adventurous, while celebrating the most powerful colour of the season. Worn with a gown up confidence and poise, these looks will defiantly be turning heads. 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

Photography by Regan Cameron


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