7 Signs Your A Beauty Addict

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and as the week picks up speed, you find yourself desiring a healthy glow. The stress of work, parties, events, traveling, school, and more has got you feeling overwhelmed. It’s practically universal law that by now, complexations could use a little well-timed pick-me-up. Luckily, a new generation of hard-working beauty products, that are formulated to cater to any issue you may have is hot on the market. Whether it be, tired eyes, blemishes, or even dark circles with long nights and days in mind, it is here to help.

For a super-surge of hydration, plump up the skin, there is a makeup item for that. The beauty industry, thrives off of making you look healthier, especially when your skin is involved. The most positive message about the business, is how you can use makeup to enhance your features and even look sexy in the process.

I love makeup and I am sure many of you can relate to this feature. Those on the go wish for something simple, like light-weight foundation and a natural nude lip. It is spring time again, and as we head much closer to summer, we are highly becoming obsessed with some of the new makeup looks.

What happens when your love affair with the latest foundation, lipstick, mascara goes too far?

Do you find contouring your face and applying the perfect matte lip helps your anxiety? Are you feeling out of control or even uneasy if your favourite makeup brand is out of the must have colour lipstick of the season?

I was first struck by how beauty routines and products can become addictive. When it comes to social media, platforms like YouTube that have beauty bloggers sharing major hauls that would make any beauty lover envious.

Psychologists typically reserve the word addiction for more serious issues like alcoholism, or drugs. In today’s world, we use this term quite loosely. When it comes to beauty addiction, it really is a real disease and one that is becoming rather rapid thanks to social media like, Instagram and Twitter.

Some people are sceptical and others think it is a good laugh. But it begs the question we are all thinking to ourselves, is beauty addiction real?

If so, here are 7 signs you could be a beauty addict.

Gold Mask- You try every crazy beauty trend that promises to perfect your pores.
Metallic Lips- You constantly try out the latest lip trends, even if they are not practical for everyday use.

Editorial With Love- You think your smokey eye will resemble a magazine editorial.

Caked On- You feel fierce but your face looks rather caked on then natural.

Can't Stop- You can't stop applying makeup, and never leave the house without it on. 

Cut It Up Girl- You go under the knife to achieve a beauty  lifestyle and look.

Bills, Bills, Bills- You keep spending your money on makeup instead of other essentials. 

 Are you a beauty addict at heart?

Photography by Benjamin Lennox

Written by Heather Lisa Noire


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