5 Ways To Suit Yourself This Summer

There are so many platitudes around the idea of ‘change’ these days, it can be difficult to figure out what the word means for your own life, beyond a naff Instagram inspire post or scary newspaper headline. It’s certainly something we can’t control. Think back to sometime this year: are you in the same job, or the same flat? Are you lying next to the same ankle boots you have been wearing all season? Perhaps. Life moves on, for better or for worse, the things around us shift, constantly.

It is funny how, when one thing in your life is transformed-either by chance or by design-a domino effect occurs and suddenly you can find yourself departing from the regular effect, and start on a more neutral element that is taking summer on a fun and feline ride.

Fashion is the perfect outlet for those who wish to embrace a kind of renewal, coming as it does with its own spin cycle of trends and seasons that move at permanent fast forward. Not to mention what we love most about fashion, is how iconic staples can become reworked for any temperature. A slew of new moves is being brought to the timeless suit that is making us want to go shopping this week.

This summer, it is all about ‘le suit’: thanks to designers like Paul Smith, Gucci, YSL, and Zara, head-to-toe masculine tailoring has stepped out of the realm of uptight office wear to lead a new mood of sexy insouciance.

Gucci has been blurring the gender boundaries with his and hers tailoring since styling practices are getting more fitted at the house of late this year. The new suit shape offers a crucially comfort fit with a cool edge. Much like YSL, the stylish house has been celebrating ‘le suit’ for many generations, while keeping the heritage even more alive.

What do you need to know now? When it comes to styling your suit, there’s a few simple tricks to follow: T-shirts work better than a typical dressy blouse, since it gives off a casual cool vibe while still being on point.   

Easy, right? It really can be. The best part about the new suit yourself look is that pulling together this style first thing in the morning just became super easy.

Below I compiled a guide: 5 ways to suit yourself this summer. This way, you will have less of a headache on styling the perfect suit look. Whether it be casual, dressy, or the office. A suit is the perfect way to mix masculinity while still being super chic.
City Bound- Add a simple t-shirt underneath your blazer, with some fun accessories. Don't forget some mens inspired loafers for a casual cool girl look.

Work Day-With work day approaching, you don't wish to be late for that meeting. Go for a more off white suit. This gives the feel of business woman, while still looking fresh for summer. To balance out your figure, try a looser trouser balanced with a more tailored blazer.
Bold Hues- Be bold when it comes to colour, the new full look suit isn't just about black or safety anymore. Let the colour shine through and be more quite on your accessories.
Night Out- Proving that even blush suits can look fire for a night out. Make this night special with a blush tone suit paired with a white blouse, topped off with barely there heels and a major clutch.
Cocktail Hour- The versatility of a neutral tone is effortless. Not only can you go from work day to evening in a flash, but you can make an entrance in a sleek way. Pair a neutral suit, cream coloured for a cocktail event that doesn't always have to include a dress.

Bonus*- For an added bonus, try mixing prints. This style can be worn casual with a pair of trainers. Dressy just switch out the shoes for heels, or daily for those hectic morning commutes

The masculine effect, has so much more than meets the eye. Suits today, are defiantly not just for the boys. Women can rock the dressy look in a multiple of ways. Do your wardrobe a favour and suit yourself this summer. 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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