5 Tips For Applying Foundation

How do you know when you have nailed a foundation application? When you are outside in the sunlight for a summer getaway, and someone comments about how great your skin looks. Of course, some women like to get more of a matte or full coverage look (whatever floats your boat), and a little more makeup can work wonders in photos, but it’s actually much harder for some people to nail the everyday no-makeup look.
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As women, we hear it time and time again from the world’s top makeup masters. The secret isn’t just in the colour-matching; there’s a bit more to it than meets the eye. The natural makeup look is all about perfecting your skin. The right products will enhance your skin’s natural tone and texture, for a flawless and luminous complexation. Always in style and ultimately wearable, a barely-there makeup look can take you anywhere, from day to night.
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 When most of us were in our teens, we tended to be that girl who never left the house without foundation on. Not only did we feel it is important to look presentable, but the feeling of not looking flawless played with our minds. Now as things change, we start to see the true meaning of beauty, when it comes to our skin. Looking at people with somewhat flawless complexations will make most people wonder, how do I get perfect skin like this? The secret is taking care of your natural tone for a healthy look.

The whole idea of caring for your skin is so important. Even more important than the new Chanel and Gucci bag you have been eyeing in that boutique last week. Yes, I caught you and I have to admit, I love handbags as much as the next girl but it is high time you stop looking in that shop front and pay close attention to this epic advice. The whole point of a “perfect skin” application is wearing little-to no makeup what so ever. I know this is about to shock you, maybe even make you angry and no I won’t care for you when you are angry. Take a nice glass of red wine, relax and pay attention, this won’t hurt I promise.

Here are 5 tips to applying foundation like a makeup master, if you would like a hint, this list involves your skin & health.
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I woke up like this

If you have skin issues, or just wish to find something to clean your skin, that leaves you glowing from the inside out. The right cleanser, toner, and cream is what the doctor ordered just for you. The true way to perfect your skin is first taking care of it. Wash your face morning and night to refresh your pores for the next day. This washes away impurities you received from just going outside. Whether it be the weather, environment, or you happen to have worn makeup that day. 
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Invisible colour

You need to find your perfect colour match. This has become the biggest problem for women all around the globe. The foundation is either too light, too dark, or doesn’t give off that natural appearance you are hoping to achieve. An ultimate headache that can easily be avoided if possible. You can try the colour on your jawline-the shade that looks invisible in daylight will be the best match, so head outside to have a closer look-but if you’re heading to a makeup counter, don’t let them apply the makeup all over you. Why, you might ask? Some makeup counters are notorious for not cleaning their brushes or sanitizing the good old-fashioned work station. You are better off applying the makeup as a sample yourself at home. This way you can be the best judge for the perfect match.
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Right texture & tools

While colour-matching is imperative, texture is key too, and it very much depends on your skin type. If you have drier skin you will benefit more from a liquid or cream foundation, where’s everyday skin types can opt for liquid, cream, powder, or depending on your preference. The best way to apply a liquid foundation is with a short dense brush. Use it in circular movements for a light-to-medium coverage, build-up coverage for the trouble some areas. Creamy textures tend to offer more coverage and can be trickier to blend. Use a round sponge that is wet to apply to your face. This not only hydrates the skin but perfects that no-makeup look to new heights.  
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Be strategic 

Ask yourself, how often do you look at your entire face before you apply your foundation? Often you may need coverage in certain areas but not necessarily all over. For the most natural look, make sure you apply your foundation where you need it. Zero in on colour correction, redness, blemishes, with a concealer. This will ensure you get the coverage you need without the fear of overloading your skin. 
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Bring your skin to life

Once you have applied your foundation, step back and take a look both from far away and close up. If the application feels a little heavy, gently pat your skin with your naturally warm fingertips to help blend the foundation further and melt the makeup into the skin making you look more natural. This will avoid giving you that cakey look, nobody wants that trust me. If you have overdone it and patting hasn’t helped fix this issue, mist your face with a little water spray. This will bring back new life to an overpowered or made-up skin. 
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How do you apply foundation?

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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