Father's Day Essentials To Buy Right Now

There are many different types of power as there are people who want to wield it. If there’s one common theme pacing throughout this issue, it’s the stories of men and women who have pursed power in various forms. From those who chase mechanical horsepower to the leaders who yearn for the power of higher expectations; to dress to impress is an understatement. When it comes to natural horsepower, this issue couldn’t be timelier.

Celebrating the start of the new season, June has brought us deeper into summer. With many traveling, or simply breathing in the different weather locations. It is time to welcome in a new era. As a real passion of mine, I love to rejoice in celebrations. Father’s Day is 18 June 2017, and as we honour our dads and the influence they have made onto society. Many of us will be pondering what to get our beloved father’s this year?
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This can bring on some truly risky business, especially since it isn’t an easy task. No matter how much you know your family members, whether it be your mum or dad they can still be tough to buy for. Some people may have a particular style or item they flock to, while others are not as concerned with what they receive. I mean it is the thought that counts am I right?

For those of you who are stressing the occasion don’t. You still have time to get that special gift that your dad will cherish for a lifetime. Ok maybe closer to the weekend, or when he feels like being nice. Don’t be one of those people who buys the same old ties, briefcases, or something beige… you are not ten anymore and you defiantly don’t want to be labelled predictable.    
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Be creative and keep your eyes peeled for something that really stops you in your tracks and makes you look twice. One thing is certain, never over think something. This will just cause unnecessary stress and make you have a nervous breakdown. Honestly, I have never had issues buying gifts for my dad on his special day why? Well I happen to be lucky enough to have a father who quite frankly doesn’t care what he gets as a gift.

For the technology buff at heart, go all out and get a smart watch. It connects directly to your phone and he will have a field day. 

For those of you who are still not sure what to get. Below are this issue’s picks of Father’s Day essentials you need to buy now!

Time Moves Forward- A revival of a classic timepiece can really be the best accessory. It complements your father’s demeanour and lifestyle. 

Styling for Seasons- If you really want to broaden your gift giving skills, put them to the test. Go for a fedora! Not only is this hat ageless you can dress it up or down no matter the season, or occasion. It is like the little black dress for men but in a hat form. 

Unusual Fabric- If you are going to be that person, then go for a tie. This only works when you choose a different colour or fabric. Even go for a fun pattern, this way you bring out the fox in your dad, I’m sure your mum will be impressed.

Retro Themed Organizer- The handiest thing to own is an organizer. If your guy or father tends to carry his laptop, pens, and more he doesn’t need a briefcase. Look for a more interesting retro organizing portfolio. It not only looks professional, it will hold the world and look very sleek.
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He’s So Shady- To really bring out his natural features, a pair of nice sunglasses can be all the rage. Just make sure to buy polarised to protect his eyes from the harmful sun shining down. A nice pair of sunglasses is not only essential but can truly look sharp in the best light. 

No matter what you buy this year, make sure it is the best Father’s Day ever.

What will you be buying this Father’s Day is it a tie?

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