5 Ways To Decode Your Valentine's Day Ensemble

Out of all the massive over the moon holidays this year, Valentine’s Day has to be the most built up. Whether you are in the early stages or you’ve noticed the heart decorations spread all across the boutiques, where you can’t escape the signature red and pink colours on every side street. There’s more potential stress around on how to get ready for this lovely occasion. Rocking a sleek romantic dress, with a lovelorn flutter cohesive swagger will definitely have you ruling V-Day.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the most romantic event of the season, not including Christmas. You really have to think your love drunk style through. The rules of fashion change every season. Mixing casual with comfort really has become a normal way of dressing now. Gone are the days of painting the town red with just a cocktail dress and super high stilettos.

While I can’t necessarily help you pick the perfect restaurant, I can help you set the mood, of taking the anxiety off of the table. Since date-night dressing can be a tricky thing to nail (no matter what month it is), there is no harm in decoding a Valentine’s Day ensemble with a few pointers.

Pick A Romantic Fabric That Highlights Your Features

Photo: Zuhair Murad

When your deciding exactly what to wear, think about the most romantic fabric that stands the test of time. Revamp your love affair with lace. Accentuate your favourite features and wear form fitting clothing. Wearing a dress cut above the knee to highlight your legs. Additionally, stick to clothing stick to clothing that elongates the waist. By adding some accessories like a belt, this takes your simple lace look to a fashion forward style your significate other will love.

 Show Some Skin and Don’t Feel Guilty

Photo: Met Gala 

When it comes to deciding on how revealing your look will be, I recommend striking a balance instead of showing too much skin. Pick one area to reveal and keep everything else classy and covered. For example, if you wish to show off your abs then wear a dress with a nice surprise for your date. A very gorgeous V-Day outfit will be classically beautiful and tasteful. The perfect look will accentuate your natural curves.     

Be Comfortable, In A Boho Jumpsuit

Photo: Free People 
There’s no worse feeling in the world than being stuck out and about in an uncomfortable outfit. Opt for a 70s revival with a boho jumpsuit. What is great about a beautiful jumpsuit, is it can add a boost of confidence to your brunch date. A tight fitted and feminine outfit is designed to make a man flip out! Add some retro infused accessories, but remember less is always more.

Statement Blouse Is a Must

Photo: Karen Millen

If you are not a fan of dresses, you can always pick a statement blouse from day to evening. Mixing casual wear with a dressy look is what makes fashion so much fun to experiment with. A super frilled blouse with vintage details can bring out your classy side. Try wearing the blouse with a pair of fitted jeans to give your style a more laid-back look.

 Skirts Are So Feminine

Photo: Vogue UK
Are you so love struck you just can’t help yourself? I know the feeling. It is as if you are floating on a fluffy cloud and you don’t wish to come down to the ground. The best way to rock a pre-Valentine’s look is with a feminine skirt. It can be great for an early day to night ensemble. Pick pieces that will elevate your style, so you can wear them more frequently.

Comment below and tell me how you would dress for your Valentines date?


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