Balmain Spring's Guilty Pleasure 2018

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Maybe that annoying song comes on the radio and you secretly sing to it in the shower. You sneak ever so softly into the kitchen and take that last piece of double fudge chocolate cake. Or you splurge on that designer bag you have been eyeing for over a week now. Let’s face it, when it comes to guilty pleasures we all have one that we can’t seem to ignore.
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When it comes to Olivier Rousteing’s latest collection for Balmain he defiantly delivered with some must have guilty pleasures. Normally, a collection for the fresh season comes down the runway full of glitz and extravagate glamour that the brands fans are used to, but in many other ways, it was a departure from last season’s Amazonian, earthy collection. Made up of many black and white looks, Spring packed on a bold punch in the face with wide stripes and hot black patent leather that screamed “I am fierce and taking you back to the 90s with a modern feel.”

Gorgeous patterns were conveyed so well with a nice burst of bright colours that showed up near the end of this lavish show. I love how Tom Ford can captivate a sensuality and still be risky when it came for the moment. Now it seems Balmain is taking Ford’s place. Sorry Tom, nothing personal but Olivier and I will be quite happy together now. I am sure you understand when it comes to conscious uncoupling.
Photo from Balmain 2018 Collection 

The attitude for the Spring show was defiantly edgy, sexy, cool. And I wanted to add every single garment to my wardrobe as soon as possible. I love the way designers are starting to make more wearable clothing and less over the top pieces. When it comes to a classy edge, Balmain didn’t disappoint and took this season by storm.

Pieces that stood out to me

   Patent Obsession

I love the patent jumpsuit paired with a white button-down blouse. The torn details on the shoulders gives it this rock and roll vibe while still just having that so cool flavour. Together or apart these items can work with your everyday style.

      I See Through You

Designers like Chanel have been celebrating see through patent bags and shoes a lot this year. And it seems like the see-through trend isn’t going anywhere so soon. This second look does the see-through trend right! By mixing a graffiti and urban vibe with this really amazing coat, while being that cool girl in the city.


You can’t do well in life unless you have some spicy drama. Oversized sleeves and ruffles can really make that a reality. This next look is so polished and chic, but it gives you a surprise of drama to keep you guessing.

   Street Style Runway

I love when the style in the streets can make its way to the runway. A gorgeous retro influenced fitted skirt with a graphic tee tucked in for that awesome put together look. This is such a win and gorgeous look.

   Mix It Up

I love when a designer takes risks. And mixing patterns isn’t child’s play. You really have to know how to put the right fabrics together otherwise, it can be a big mess. The mix of these two works perfectly and would look incredible for a sexy night out.

    Rock & Roll to The Office

The idea of dressing like a rock star for that important business meeting just makes sense. Maybe some offices are conservative and prefer you stick to a boring look. This stand out style here works perfectly to really stand out in your next business meeting.

   Stripes Are Your Friend

A lot of people are terrified of stripes. They automatically think this print can make you look so unflattering. But when you take the pattern and make it bolder with a beautiful rebellious biker jacket, it can make you rethink your prejudices towards good old-fashioned stripes. This style is not only wild it gives you that causal feel with some bite.

What look is your favourite from the new collection?

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