How Sweet Desserts Inspire Colours Of The Season

In this annual sweet issue, let’s celebrate the power of sweets, inspiring bold pastel colours of the season. Whether you are a fan of sweet treats, or not. The most fashionable way to indulge is to get inspired from a delicious piece of cake while having a warm cup of tea. Peggy Porschen made a name for herself in the wedding-cake business, because of her great artistry, particularly her eye for detail and gorgeous sugar decorations. Anyone from around the globe can get a chance to taste Peggy’s cakes in her beautiful café. 

The parlours candy-floss-coloured exterior, large Georgian windows and the warm glow makes it stand out, even by comparison to other cafes in the city. The interior of the café is bold sugar hues, pale furniture and porcelain tableware made to Peggy’s specifications. It is well coordinated and oh so cosy with a relaxing atmosphere. 

The cakes are retro inspired, with nostalgic names such as banoffee, cream caramel. What I tried ranged from the most delectable sweets you will ever encounter. It was like a mega sugar rush and defiantly well worth the sweet treat. The sticky toffee cupcake was so delicious it melts in your mouth, with a burst of addictive flavour! The icing has a nice earthy contrast and the tarte cream cheese was out of this world. The moist texture of these desserts would drive you to order more for an important event. 

It isn’t just wedding’s that Peggy is famous for. This charming café has some delectable treats for anyone to indulge in. The chocolate truffle cake is the best in town and her gourmet cookies are another story. If you are shopping for a special occasion, this café has wonderful personal gifts that will make anyone in your life smile. 

Peggy’s tea blends, are inspired by her cakes, and are special in their own right; the fruit jellies taste like a sweet liquid cookie, warming you up on a cool refreshing day. The pretty dressed up staff are a delight and so knowledgeable. I can’t recommend this place enough. If you haven’t been here before, you really need to check this place out and pick up something sweet for later. 

When looking at these unique cakes and desserts, the pastel colours are so inspiring in a fashionable way for May. Can a dessert truly make you desire bold colours in your outfit for the season? I think so, and make you stand out above the crowd. 

Purple is the colour of loyalty, constancy to purpose, it is also the tone of dignity and self-respect and signifies bipartisanship. Not only that, but it was one of the three colours adopted by the suffragettes. Check out these designer accessories for less. 

You can introduce different shades of purple into your wardrobe to bring out a pop of colour. Try out violet, lavender, and blue violet purple. They are universally flattering and the perfect tone for summer. If a purple dress is to scary, try coordinated pieces this way you get a taste without feeling overwhelmed. 

According to social norms, the colour pink is unapologetic feminine, and represents compassion and love. This tone is so soft with an ease, that it becomes a more neutral colour. 

You can match pastel pink with just about anything you own. Try mixing pink and purple together, to get that picture-perfect outfit. 

Or be daring and try an all pink look. It can come off classy and really stand out in a lovely way. 

I love how when you look at a sweet treat it can inspire hot fashion for this season. Below are outfit ideas with some colourful options. 

What do you think of bold colours for summer? 


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