Alexandre Vauthier Celebrates Glamour With His Autumn Couture Collection

Can you believe its July already? Time really does fly by so quickly. One minute you are gearing up for the scorching weather change. The next, you see Fall creeping its way up with a pretty forecast. I don’t know about you. But I absolutely adore Winter clothing. Something about a nice coat, jumper, and those tall boots that have us craving for more. I am kind of relieved that summer is over. Not that I don’t enjoy it, I just prefer the Fall fashions especially, when being Parisian chic is in order.  
Photo: Alexandre Vauthier Couture Collection 2019
To get us ready for Fall, I have for you a beautiful treat. The couture collections are in, and one designer in particular really caught my attention. By early evening, Alexandre Vauthier created a private club-type setting through which the models strutted by wearing thickly belted tailleurs, slinky crystal-studded dresses, and pheasant-feathered frocks. Think 80s femme fatale with an elegant touch. 

Celebrating Femininity 

Vauthier’s line showcased Parisian glamour, while shouting from the roof tops “We love celebrating femininity and every woman’s right to always be glamourous.” 

Women are strong and we have been through a lot in our lives, whether it is working hard for that next promotion or trying to just get through a workout routine without falling on our faces. 

One thing that this couture line has captivated is highlighting silky, bejewelled, and bright fabrics that really have our inner divas taking note. You can take a tailored silk jacket, or flowing mysterious classic dress and really work it into your wardrobe for a flashy result.  

         80s Vibe

Photo: Alexandre Vauthier Paris Couture Collection

Investment pieces are practical and in this collection, there was ample black trousers- a look that many French editors are adopting, the little black dresses delicately inlaid with lace, and also the close-cropped black jacket with its sharp white double collar and crystal-covered placket. 

On the spellbound end of the spectrum were gowns fully covered in tiger embroideries, a tiered dress that made you feel like Prince’s song hot thing, was about to scream from the loudspeakers. The look alone felt like a nod to a super chic 80s vibe that I honestly can’t get enough of. You don’t have to be born in the 80s, to appreciate the modern flavour the French designer is taking at mixing modernism with a hint of a flashback era. 

Practical Line

  Normally, when we take a look at a couture collection. Usually the show is over the top. Where you feel as if you couldn’t really wear this stuff in everyday life. Well in this case, that is totally wrong. One thing I noticed echoing from Alexandre’s collection, was the trendy pieces mixed in with a practical undertone. I know that feathers, or big bold statements can maybe seem a bit scary. But honesty, who are you a basic b****? If you are then please stay clear from reading this next sentence. 
Photo: Animal Pieces from Alexandre Vauthier 2019

The zesty yellow and animal prints with big accessories, actually played into the collection’s animalistic and stylish overtones. Making it perfect for a day to night look. Can you achieve this? Absolutely. Look at the animal print dresses. They have recently become very popular and you can wear them with casual pieces from your wardrobe. Try wearing them alone with some pretty accessories for daytime. Then switch it up by rocking a leather jacket, sleeves pushed up and a pair of striking heels for date night with someone special in your life. 
Photo: Contemporary Pieces 

Using your creative head can really do wonders. When you are trying to find something unique to try out. Best part is, these pieces are not just dressy but can be worn any time of day. And you can wear them in any weather condition. You only live once in life, why not be totally glamour’s.
Photo: Tres Chic Alexandre Vauthier 

Check out some pieces below that are similar to Vauthier’s line for a lot less. 

What do you think of the collection? 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire     


  1. Wow, it's definitely a stunning collection! :)

    While I'm enjoying winter right now and the chance to layer, I prefer spring and autumn as you can be a bit more varied with what you wear! :)

    Hope that you're having a nice end to your week with a fun weekend ahead of you!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I really like some of these classic looks, so beautiful

  3. Such a stunning collection! Beautiful, statement and sculptural. Thanks for sharing doll xx

  4. I love this collection, some stunning pieces :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  5. this collection is just fabulous hun, loving the pieces so much.


  6. I hear you. I love summer weather, but I love fall fashion more! The layering, mixed textures, and beautiful colors are what I crave and have the most fun with. These collections are wonderful and I'm loving the 80s vibes showcased. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!




  7. I love that it's more practical and not all over the top

  8. I have always loved his designs. So sexy, edgy, and elegant.

  9. Im happy to be in summer but I'm also excited to be in fall. I always miss wearing jackets in summer. I think we are more limited in summer to dress up. It's just more fun to add layerings sometimes.
    I love theses trends especially the 80's one.
    THanks for sharing.

  10. Amazing!

    xoxo ♥

    J├ęssica || Fashion Jacket

  11. I'm crying this collection is so good!


  12. I am in love with this collection so Parisian and so chic He is right super feminine xoxo Cris

  13. I do as well they are so fun :)

  14. Defiantly he is an amazing designer x

  15. I love the layers, mixing patterns, and just experimenting with style.

  16. They are defiantly quite brilliant :)