What Versace Taught Us About Style

Everybody’s definition of style is completely different. The word style is defined as characteristics or elements combined and expressed in a particular (often unique) and consistent manner. Derived from ‘stilus,’ the Latin word for a sharp instrument for making relatively permanent marks or wax writing tablets. 

Having a specific sense of style, can have you stand out from other people. This can be a very positive thing and introduce you as an individual. Trying to “fit in” is never good for the soul. The best way to enjoy life at its fullest is to not be like everyone else instead and expand your look. 

The idea of dressing differently can actually scare people. I can’t seem to understand that concept of fear. To me, and this maybe just a personal thing, but I happen to love experimenting with fashion. I have been doing it my whole life and I honestly enjoy it. Having an adventurous personality, can actually benefit you because you get the chance to be not the everyday norm. 
Photo: Versace 2018
Places like France, Italy, New York, and London. Really embrace individuality unless you happen to go to a more conservative environment then they aspect you to dress like a 90-year-old…Even when I reach 100 I will still be rocking my biker jacket with pride. But that is another story. Whether you enjoy being casual or dressy. Any style is welcome since being edgy and showing your artistic abilities, with what you have on can be really interesting. 

“Decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace –
Photo: Versace 90s Fashion
    The iconic Gianni Versace designed incredible collections throughout the 1980s and 90s and built a fashion empire by producing ensembles that oozed sensuality and sexuality. His most famous designs included sophisticated bondage gear, body hugging dresses, and unusual patterned outfits. Versace staged his shows like rock concerts and was known for being rather extravagant. 
Photo: Versace 90s 
What Versace taught us about style was how as women we can embrace our figures and know that there is nothing wrong with being sexy. Course, there is a difference between being feminine and being vulgar. Versace knew how to push the limits without completely going over the top. 
Photo: Getty Images
His iconic safety pin dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore was my all-time favourite. There is something really incredible about that dress that makes us all want to own one in our wardrobes.
Photo: Versace 2018
The logo we know and love from Versace has an amazing meaning behind it. He was inspired by Greek mythology, in which he chose the head of Medusa for his label’s logo. Medusa is a beautiful Gorgon who was turned into a hideous monster by Athena. She goes from luring men with snake hair and turns men into stone with a glance. He portrays her in his logo with flowing hair instead of snakes. 
Photo: Versace logo 
Donatella Versace said her brother’s reasoning for using Medusa’s head was “whoever falls in love with Medusa can’t flee from her.” Versace was inspired by the pre-monster Medusa who symbolizes power, strength and beauty. Which is still showcased throughout the brand today. 
Photo: Versace 2018
The best part about Versace, is how clothing, accessories, even handbags, and sunglasses can really inspire you. The style behind the label really is glamourous, sexy, and fun. The handbags alone are really spectacular. I love different designers, but for some reason Versace stands out. 
Photo: Getty Images Versace Street Style 
It has a sophisticated romantic side with a dark and glorious element that is difficult to turn away from. 
Photo: Versace 2018
Maybe Medusa is hypnotising us to want or desire a Versace piece but hey no harm done, right? I absolutely adore the rocker vibes with classy power attached.
Photo: Versace 
Photo: Versace 

What do you think about Versace? 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire   


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