5 Ways to Wear Athletic Leisure

Sure, we love yoga, power walking, biking, and relaxing in the summer, but it’s time to add something else to the mix when it comes to the winter months. A healthy way of living. Some people may not realise the way you live your life can have a major impact on your overall health. Having a well-balanced diet, while maintaining physical actives can make the world of a difference. But it isn’t just about feeling good that matters. It also has to deal with looking good. No, we are not trying to be vain here. Just mentioning that having a bit of a chic flare can be fun and anyone can do it. If you look outside, most people when they go for a walk or out to the gym, they tend to be in comfy clothing and don’t wish to look like a glamour queen for the paparazzi. 
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It isn’t about getting attention. The real pick up on the chic scene is people are starting to wear some stylish athletic attire. And we are taking notice with our eagle eyes. Gone are the days of looking like a hot mess, minus the hot part when you work out. Instead women of all ages, are taking their style game up a notch with chic workout clothing and with good reason. 

You don’t have to be working out to look this good. Versatility is key in anything we put on. So why not be bold and rock this style casually with a dressy twist? Not everyone will turn around and wear leggings for running to a lunch in with the girls. Or out to a cocktail lounge at night. That is because they are too scared to try something new and no one wishes to have that kind of nature. So be an experimental fashionista and give leisure wear a modern twist.

Every street style scene is breaking out the comfy casual style and dressing it up for a cool look. It gives off this effortless feel and can look rather modern at the same time. I know what you are probably thinking, how can I do this without a stylist? You don’t need one. The fun part is you can take accessories away and add ones to work for your own personal style. For example, instead of the typical sports shoes, add a small heel or wedged bootie. This gives a more polished feel and really comes across like you know what you’re doing. It is easier, said than done of course. 

I have rounded up 5 ways to wear athletic leisure with ease for your connivance. 
Bold and Casual- You can mix dressy with casual. It is a really nice style. And can work with so many different looks. Take your outfit up a notch by wearing a bold colour like red. Mix this with a pair of feminine heels and your outfit is a winner. 
Night Look- You can do simplicity with a twist for that dinner or party after. If you are going out. The best way to do athletic leisure is with a white dressy v-neck blouse. Tuck it into a pair of athletic pants and swap comfy shoes for heels. Add a clutch and a few unusual accessories and you will look like a socialite. 
Crème Balance- Go where no one has gone before. No, I am kidding. But sporting a pair of white leggings can be really sleek. Not everyone, likes the idea. But a pair of crème leggings mixed with some bold tones can look really clean and crisp. 

Try a matching set- I know matching is highly overrated, but on occasion it can look very sharp. In this case, try a matching set in jet black. This look is street-wear-friendly, while looking super edgy at the same time. 

Bundle Up- Try wearing a warm jacket over a pair of longer tailored sporty trousers and heels for balance. This way you are not only toasty warm but you look super fierce.

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How do you wear athletic leisure?