How Angelina Inspired the little black dress

Here’s a little secret for lovers of hot chocolate. If you happen to be wondering around the Jardin de Tuileries or visiting the Louvre, make sure you plan on stopping by the charming Angelina whose legendary hot chocolate has made this place so famous with locals and visitors over the years. Hot chocolate experts say that it is truly hard to find a hot chocolate anywhere near as delectable as Angelina’s anywhere else. 
Although the place is known as a tea salon, it is more like a relaxing café as it serves breakfasts, lunches, and sweet desserts. As a customer, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious desserts, some excellent salads and mouth-watering dinners, but their signature hot chocolate is the real star attraction. 

History of the café 

 Antoine Rumpelmayer opened his tea room in 1903. He later named his tea salon Angelina, after his daughter-in-law. Rumplemayor’s chocolat l’Africain took its name from the origin of the beans. His hot chocolate was an intensely rich chocolate drink, barely sweet, and was served in a steaming pot with a bowel of whipped cream on the side. Famous and dedicated fans of his brew included Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. 

Apart from the hot chocolate and amazing desserts, this Parisian café is full of charm and character. The interior décor with its marble topped tables, glided ironwork and stunning staircase makes this place an ideal extension of tranquillity and comfort.

Angelina is immensely popular, so expect to find quite a large crowd if you leave your visit too late in the morning. It is best to try and get here early so you have the opportunity to just enjoy what this cosy place has to offer. However, if you are not an early riser and you do get here not on time. You can always pick up a decadent dessert to enjoy later maybe outside by a glorious park and people watch. 

What I enjoyed most about my visit here, is how the crowd is so diverse. People from all over the world come here to enjoy what this beautiful café has to offer. And it is definitely frequented by commuters more often than one. 
The hot chocolate really melts in your mouth and feels like a warm dream. Getting a chance to taste a lovely fresh salad and sink my teeth into the creamiest sweet treats is a nice way to spend your day. You don’t even have to be a dessert person to enjoy this place. Lovely lunches like sandwiches of sorts can be your guilty pleasure also. 

When I was sitting in the café, I got inspired by its two most iconic guests Audrey and Chanel. These two ladies were the definition of chic. And with their legacy left to be admired by every woman on the planet comes an enticing notion. The little black dress is associated with them and a uniform they rocked with elegance and grace. 

There is no real dress code when it comes to Angelina but if you happen to desire to be like the famous guests that once sipped a hot chocolate here, then wear a little black dress to lunch, dinner, and even after. 

This kind of dress is so versatile because you can wear it with practically anything. Dress it up and down for the perfect polished look. And if you happen to be a romantic at heart, then you might just take someone’s breath away. 

Angelina Café 
226 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

Have you ever been here before? 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire         

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