Why are so many men dressing God-Awful?

For many dedicated fashion lovers, thumbing through one’s social media for all the latest street-style looks during the men’s shows is pure entertainment. In fact, one could notice that it has become a way of life that most people own a smart phone. What men wear attending the collections is influential to those who admire great style. In a sense, the stylish influencer is selling a lifestyle to those watching. So much so, that we forget what the collection was even really about. 
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But there seems to be a major problem lately. A God awful one to be exact. As style is being distributed through streetwear, some trends that were once elegant and demure, are now starting to disappear and instead look really not from this plant. It is one thing to showcase your personal style, but boys are we really going to look like a horrible mess? This simply won’t do and frankly, looks totally ridiculous. Shoppers desires impact and want something new and fresh. While influencers, will rock just about anything they wouldn’t dare buy themselves. 
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When it comes to women, we tend to stick with a more refined style and even add a bit edge to measure. But with men of late, it seems to be missing its mark. Who wants to look at some weird style if you can’t actually go outside and wear it? Practicality comes into the mix. You can still show your own taste within the trends to not end up looking like a bum on the street corner. 
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It is easy to trace the God-awful origin story, that moment in menswear when you see those crazy pea coats with press pleated trousers, canes and capes started to look like they were way over the top and defiantly trying way to hard. Leave the exaggerated styles to the designer’s runway collections guys.
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A man is in charge of his own wardrobe. He doesn’t need to be told what to wear. When it comes to style, common sense has to kick in more. Men and women are similar is their style picks. Because you really just need pieces in your wardrobe you can wear more than one season. This way you feel you are getting your money’s worth and not making a complete fool out of yourself.   

Below is a list of pieces to help every man not dress God-awful. 

V-neck jumper. It has a classic neck line that just looks incredible. And has versatility to wear layered or alone. SHOP HERE

A men's sport coat is not only stylish, but it can really dress up a casual outfit pretty fast. Plus, you can give yourself that suave look we all know you possess. SHOP HERE

When it comes to the best accessory any man can have. Shoes defiantly come high on the list. Not only do you look fly, but you have that last minute touch to make you feel like your on your game. SHOP HERE

A button up shirt is polished and can look great from fitted trousers  to a pair of nice skinny jeans. SHOP HERE 

Outerwear are the perfect pieces to layer on days when it is just a bit nippy out there. Plus, you can really make something casual look spectacular. SHOP HERE 

What men's pieces are essential?

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

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