5 November 2018

ARMANI / PRIVÉ Rose Alexandrie Review

When you think of walking into a boutique, you probably think of the latest new styles hanging in the shop window. You might even be surprised to see some early Christmas decorations trying to creep up and show off in all its glory. Nothing wrong with this since it is November, which means December is just around the corner. I have particularly been checking out some new items for my winter wardrobe but one in particular that has caught my attention lately is a must have accessory. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrances 
No, it isn’t another handbag. Of course, if anyone knows me well. Then I am sort of a handbag addict. They are so pretty though, and now with fall and winter would be amazing with layers. Ok, now stay on topic here. I fell in love with Armani’s new fragrances. The brand as a whole is so legendary with sleek designs and an Italian state of mind, that I had to get my hand on one of their fragrances. When you are heading out for an evening out, you have on the most incredible outfit in the world. Your hair looks lovely and those shoes are fire. What is left to add? A signature scent to really make your entire night. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrances 
If you truly wish for a scented experience you can’t go wrong with The Armani Prive Rose Alexandrie exotic single note scents, that inspired different materials like semi-precious stones and fabrics and contain amongst other things; jasmine, bergamot and leather notes. When crafting this scent, he wanted to recreate his childhood and the smell of smoky incense against the damp cool stone walls of the Italian churches he often visited.
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrance 
At first smell this fragranced water was inspired by the subtle intermingling of fountain waters and the scent of roses from a garden. It has a really pleasant smell and is not overpowering like some with massive amounts of alcohol. It feels rather light when it is on the palate and I found it to be truly elegant. With one particular sniff, you can tell this can be worn for any occasion especially for a cocktail hour. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrance 
I love the shape of the bottle. It is not only classy but has a very elegant approach to simplicity. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrance 

This is a very sweet fragrance that enters a high territory, then slowly morphs into a well-made masterpiece.  

Have you ever tried this fragrance before? 


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