The Return of Femininity & Glamour

She was always ahead of her time. Never settled for less and always kept her head held high. Even when she was told, you can’t do this. How will you make it anywhere? All the obstacles that seemed to hit her like a pile of bricks, never stopped her from fighting for what she believed in. Don’t stand down, she continued to tell herself and keep doing what matters most. The positive and honesty is what drove her to go after her dreams and make them a reality. This is the iconic legend of femininity and glamour. Trends come up constantly, whether it is snake skin making way to be the new it animal print. Or burnt orange slowly trying to find room in our crowded wardrobe. 
Photo: Flapper Style Getty Images 
One thing will always be in fashion and never disappear, is the return of femininity. With masculine pieces slowly disappearing it seems women are starting to come to the realization that you can be strong, wise, smart, and still be a woman. You don’t have to put on trousers and skip those shiny high heels. Or stop fluffing your hair because a handsome man smiles at you. Yes, we can still be ladies and not compromise our genders with the way we dress or even behave. Even with the turn of the century, and so many things going on in the world we can still maintain to our highest standards that women can be legendary. 
Photo: 1920's Style Getty Images
So, stop covering up and feeling like you can’t express yourself. Why do we do this? I ask myself this question often when I hear others say it. Why do we feel the need to explain ourselves? We can feel free to say what we believe in without feeling there is consequences. Of course, it depends on how we say things so people don’t get offended right? Wrong, say it like you mean it and don’t hold back. This goes similar with what we wear as women. Always stick to what you are attracted to and don’t feel the need to change who you are for anyone. 
Photo: Getty Images Sequins 
It is always fun to experiment with fashion. Breaking the rules can be appealing to me. When you showcase your personality through what you wear. The right accessories can make an outfit, but the right dress can create that moment. 

Whether you are heading to an event, just needing a new outfit for date night or wanting to attempt to rock sequins during the day. I have rounded up a few of my favourite fall glamour pieces to get you ready tonight. 

Va Room nature. There is nothing more sexy then showing off your back. It is classy and can really be fabulous. This dress can take you from a dressy lunch to a ravishing date night with that special someone. Here 
If you love drama with a twist of lady like appeal, then this chic orange dress is perfect for your fall gala's. It is both casual and dressy. And for added accessories, try this with and without tights. HERE
The velvet touch. This fabric is so pretty and really can be that little beauty you can't stop wearing. Here 
A wine colour can be a nice alternative to burgundy. Since fall tones can always be switched. What is hot about this number is it shows off your features with a classic v-neck. HERE
If you are one of those people who hates dresses, then a silver jumpsuit is a great alternative. Not only is it versatile, but you can show up looking quite posh. HERE
You need a great bag to go with that dress. Why not get this beauty. It has class and style. HERE

Crocodile embossed seems to be very popular this year. And this clutch with rugged details will make your outfit complete. HERE
In the name of fashion, the higher the better. This is the same for a nice pair of hot heels. You can touch the sky in these trust me darling. HERE

 What feminine pieces are your favourite? 

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