2 June 2018

Top 5 Most Underrated Designer Handbags

What does summer mean to you? The beginning of booking that needed holiday in Venice, capturing some breath-taking photos of floral and colour madness, being one step closer to freshen up your delightful outfit choices. To me, it signifies weather changes and high time to revamp the gorgeous wardrobe. I casually, turn on music with some much-needed soul, and carefully go through what doesn’t impress me anymore. You know that item you just had to have at one point or another? Well, for the season comes new change. And it is important to ditch what is old and bring in what is new. 

It is life or death, to make room for the first purchase of the summer: you guessed it, a bag! Whether it is a classic, that gets your heart racing, or a bold tone to showcase your impeccable style. A new bag can make all the difference in your summer outfit. 

It can make you feel like you are cleansing your soul, and bringing out another part of your awesome personality. Because we are all just to amazing, right? We all know the typical brands that scream our names, every time we pop into social media for a taste. Chanel, always a classic. Gucci, seems to be on trend at the moment. And of course, Hermes, which most people couldn’t give a kidney away to possess. 

But, what about those brands no one talks about that much? Don’t they deserve recognition and love to?  Take a step, in the right direction and check out these top 5 most underrated designer handbags. This just might make your start to summer that more electrifying.  

        Hot Child in The City

In June 2000, Ghesquiere introduced the First bag, which was fallowed, eighteen months later, by the City, the much-admired, zippered, top-handled tough-chic no nonsense bag for which style-setters went wild over. It was a fresh design, that stood out in a good way. 
Photo: Street Style Getty Images
Not only is it perfect for travel, but it resembles a bad girl biker jacket in the shape of a bag. How cool is that? Till this day, it is still a popular style and really one of my favourite underrated bags. The City, comes in a variety of different leathers, colours, and sizes. You can find just the right one to suit your style.

      Oh, Oh Fendi 

In 1965, Karl Lagerfeld’s collaboration with Fendi began. The genius designer, wanted to create a more fun and youthful approach to the label to bring in a more playful attitude for consumers. Lagerfeld had a few much-needed tricks up his sleeve. He grabbed a piece of paper and designed the iconic Zucca, or Double F. 
Photo: Street Style Vogue Italia
Even now, this retro style from Fendi has been popping up everywhere and still giving off a fun vibe. Besides the Zucca print, the brand has so many other chic styles to pick from. 

    The Edge Master of Givenchy 
Photo: Marie Claire UK

Hubert de Givenchy was tall, elegant, and had the most beautiful hands. He could create the most delicate things. His kindness, to everyone and his generosity is what made this man a true legend of his craft. 

His label is not only legendary, but it packed a punch with some edgy and elegant pieces. His bags are always belle, and know how to work their way into anything you wear. 

   The Monogram for Days

Louis Vuitton has been around for decades, and has a variety of styles to pick from. What makes this French brand so appealing, has to stem from its history. But another obvious attraction has to be the retro appearance. When used often, your LV bag changes and becomes vintage and oh so chic to the eye. 
Photo: Street Style Getty Images
It has that casual feel, without looking like a hot mess. The monogram is so noteworthy, you can see it from far away. This can either put you off, or make you wish to know more. If you are looking for a great hobo bag, or cross body, Mr Vuitton has you covered. 

        Classic Meets Futuristic with Dior

I know Dior tends to be considered a classic, much like Chanel. But it seems to be not as popular on the designer bag addiction scale. So, what made this name come up? It all started when Dior kept their classic bags and mixed it up with the Diorama bag. Not only is this bag really pretty, but it makes you feel elegant while still being really modern. The features give it this hard exterior while still looking ravishing. You can wear this bag while you’re out shopping, then turn around and rock it with a cocktail dress for a truly elegant dinner. If this style isn’t for you, Dior has so many other designs to get your handbag pallet satisfied. 

These underrated bags are so perfect for just about anyone’s style. 
How can you not resist these beauties? 
Which brand do you love?

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27 May 2018

I See Through You: Transparent Bag Trend

From all across social media, clear bags have been popping up faster than freshly baked cookies in the oven. Are these bags chic? Or could they be simply novelties? The clear PVC reminds me of those clear makeup bags. Remember those? That being said, when it comes right down to it. Fashion has always been spontaneous. And to the average onlooker, it may appear to be a clown act some trends. Fashion at times, is not always meant to be practical. Experimenting with fashion, means you can have a lot of fun. Why take fashion, or life to seriously right? The clear bags are not a new it thing. In fact, the style itself goes back to some retro areas. 

Take Elizabeth Taylor, for example. She was always a massive fan of the clear bags for style purposes. And now transparent bags are being adopted into the new style trends for 2018. Karl Lagerfeld, created clear bags, boots, and rain hats for Chanel’s 2018 Spring Collection. The more I looked at them, I found them to be quite charming in a fun way. 
Chanel 2018 Spring Collection
Sure, not everyone will be a fan of showing off what they carry in their bags on a daily basis. Who wishes to see your tangled-up headphones, or any other unusual accessories? Wearing a clear bag can bring out the artist in you, and have you get creative with your styling choices. Whether you’re picking out brightly coloured pouches to organise your plastic bag or finding a muted palette to go with your neutral shoes. If you enjoy putting a look together, you can really go to town and get super creative. 
Getty Images
The most popular styling is people showcasing their designer purses, card cases, and wallets in their clear bags. It shows off your eyes for design without being too flashy in a bad way. As lovely as this style maybe, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to achieve this look. A lot of unknown brands are selling these plastic purses for a lot less. So, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot to still look incredibly stylish. 
Getty Images
      For some, a clear bag isn’t necessarily the easiest accessory to pull off-it puts all of your stuff on display rather than stashing it away from prying eyes, for one. If you are going to a rugby, football, or hockey game (where some arenas have policies that require you to have a clear bag), well, that is kind of the point, but on a typical basis the style has circulated well beyond game season.

One thing to note if you intend to use this style of bag on a daily basis. You must realise, it gives potential robbers, the golden opportunity to see exactly what you have in your bag. Whether, it is your mobile, card cases, and of course money. That is why it is best to avoid the tote styles, and instead buy a PVC cross-body instead. This way your content is safe across your body and your hands are free to roam the city. 
Getty Images
Several designers have rendered their signature handbag silhouettes in transparent materials recently, rendering most popularity among the street style set, both for the striking bags themselves and for what’s inside. Fashionistas tend to choose what they bring strategically- bold cosmetics with pretty packaging, chic sunglasses, and logo purses. 
Getty Images
This trend maybe fun, or cause you to run with horror. But the question remains, would you rock this look? Check out some more styles below and how you can wear this trend to. 
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Written by Heather Lisa Noire    




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