25 April 2019

Exclusive First Look: Marc Jacobs Box Bag Collection

Sometimes, it’s best to go back to the begging with a modern twist. That’s the strategy that Marc Jacobs kept in mind as he was designing his retro influenced take with his Box Bag Collection. This collection of accessories, is available now
Photo: Marc Jacobs 
The past is remotely intertwined in this collection, mainly from the old school logo that is embossed into the distressed leather. It is so soft to the touch, and don’t let the size full you. This cross-body can hold a lot with two zipper compartments for added storage space. You can hold a mobile phone, good sized wallet, keys, makeup, and any other daily essentials. 
Photo: Marc Jacobs 
Fashion has blown up in it's cycle of looking for the next it bag. And it seems all of social media, has been sky rocketing with this new-school take on this classic lunch box. 

In 1935, Geuder, Paeschke and Frey produced the first licensed character lunch box, Mickey Mouse. It was a lithographed oval tin, with a pull-out tray inside. It had a handle and plenty of room for food and more. The interesting take on this brief history lesson, is how simple silhouettes can influence different accessories.
Photo: Marc Jacobs 
Whether, its something small and dainty, or your craving for a mini. This Box Bag comes in three sizes to fit your daily need for stylish irreplaceable bags. In the chic world of accesories, there seems to be a movement away from overly structured handbags, of the last few seasons. More styles are moving towards a more elegant look, with a laid-back flavour. 
Photo: Marc Jacobs 
And while this style we have seen has the perfect sense of lived in  leather, you don’t have to worry about it losing its fun-loving shape. The quality of the soft distressed leather makes this an investment piece and looks perfect for that street style photograph.  
Photo: Marc Jacobs 
People voice their opinions all the time, and the biggest complaint is not being able to use your bags all the time. This makes for a huge disappointment since the value should way out the usage. If your bag is gathering dust, then you are not getting the worth out of it. The best part? Marc Jacob’s Box Bag, has a classic shape that makes it ideal for everyday use. So, you won’t feel like it is a shelf bag. Not the case here, you can wear it casual or dress it up with a fun pop of colour. 
Photo: Marc Jacobs 
The colour scheme is fantastic as well. If you are the pink type, a white summer girl, or you like the vintage element. The lunch box style cross-body, has so many different styles to choose from. It makes your shopping experience that much simpler.

What do you think of Marc Jacobs new collection?

Written by Heather Noire         


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