Why Peach Is A Practical Colour For Summer

With April coming to an end, it feels as if summer is just around the corner. With style changes, it makes sense to think about colour. Whenever I hear someone say they want to buy something to add a pop of colour to their infamous wardrobe, the first tone that is quite common is red or yellow. Even though these colours can be vibrant and exceptional. I have to disagree with those options. Some people prefer a softer tone. And without stepping into the world of a classic black item. Let’s try something a little sweater with a bit of a kick to it. 
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For summer, indulge in a nice creamy slice of peach cake. Followed by a delicious round of sass. The colour of this cake makes me think of the soft and elegant tone that is peach and how it’s really a very practical colour for summer time. You can dress it up or down and even wear it all season long. It matches a lot of other colours and is universally flattering on all skin tones. When it comes to a trendy colour, I always find bold and screaming colours like neon can be overwhelming and honestly, horrible to the eye. But Peach has a romantic texture that makes it fun and a great alternative to beige or another neutral. 
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Peach is a colour that is named for the pale colour of the exterior flesh of a peach fruit. This name may also be substituted for peachy. Like the colour apricot, the colour is lighter and has been formulated primarily to create a pastel of colours a pastel palette of colours for interior design. Peach can also be described as a pale pink. Many variations exist and some are different than others. 
Photo: D&G Peach Runway Show 
To some people it is decadent and charming. And to others, it can be a bit moody. Meaning, not everyone will like it. Or may find it to be difficult to match your outfits. But the best way to add this colour into your life is by introducing separate pieces so your other tones don’t feel so left out. I think a lot of people haven’t gotten to know peach yet. I mean if you did you would find that peach is electric and a great listener when mixing your garments in with that timeless colour. The only way you will know if peach can work for you, is if you introduce yourself. Going to a chic party isn’t fun if you can’t be friendly to other colours. And peach feels just as awkward as midnight blue, or blue berry jam. 
Photo: Peach Makeup Macy's 
So, quit being shy people, and say hello. That is the true test in seeing if you and peach are going to work. Otherwise, you will just be stuck in a blah colour wheel forever and who really wants that?  

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How do you wear peach?

Written by Heather Noire           

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