5 Ways a Chain Shoulder Bag Upgrades Your Style

When you first think of a chain shoulder bag. The first thing that comes to mind is a glamorous special event accessory. But this beauty, isn’t just associated as a bag you bring out just for special occasions. Oh no, instead this glamour silhouette is being paraded into the spotlight this season and I am so excited. Here, Bauchle Fashion reveals the best to buy now. With 5 ways, a chain shoulder bag can upgrade your marvellous style. 

  Chain shoulder bags, complete with a glinting gold or silver strap, have always been an appealing proposition, but thanks to the rise of functional fashion, they’re more on-point than ever. 
Photo: Michael Kors 
Long associated with injecting a night out look with an air of retro sophistication, chain handle bags are being reimagined with a modern purpose: worn cross body day or night, a chain on a shoulder bag adds a hint of refinement with incredible timeless style. Mixed with a minimalistic look with a front and centre flash of gorgeous, statement making hardware that you fall madly in love with. 

Fast forward to today’s modern market and chain bags no longer gather dust in the back of our closets, reserved solely for weddings and chic evening events. Demand for switching up your accessories, is peaking consistently as the seasons change. The main reason? People are sick of having to follow those so called “fashion rules”, that women especially are shoving them back into the box. Have you ever heard the expression, ‘think outside of the box’? Well, that is what fashion lover’s world-wide are deciding to do. And with the grow in free thinkers and progressive risk takers it only makes perfect sense. 

When I was growing up, I always loved the look of bags with chains. I just felt they had this dressy flare I always found alluring. And I actually wore them consistently. I was never the use a certain bag for certain occasions kind of girl. Just use your bag till your heart is content, is how I look at it and always love them until they can share a wonderful story with you through wear. A bag that has been lived in after your own personal use has a romantic element we can’t ignore.

          Instant Chic 

You can wear a casual outfit, and quickly look instantly chic with a chain bag. It ties your entire look together and makes for a wonderful accessory. 

   Converted Has Never Been So Convenient

If you are going to a night out and need a stylish bag to make an entrance. The best way is to have a chain bag that can convert to a clutch for a party look that is incredibly hot. Tuck the chain into the bag and you have a clutch. This is super easy and so convenient. 

               Every Brand Makes One
If you are not sure the best brand to buy a chain bag from. Don’t panic! Because every brand makes this classic beauty. So, if you have a personal preference, you can rest assure this style can be found in a variety of colours, leathers, styles, and of course silver, gold, and even gunmetal hardware is available. 

         Wear it to work

You can be in a hurry because you happen to have that big presentation today. And you want to look your best so you get that promotion. What better way to look polished, and not to mention super classy then a bag with a glamorous chain. Yes, you can wear a chain in the day time and even to your job. 

    You can rock it daily & mix old and new 
You can rock a chain bag all the time. Whether you are in a rush and have to pick up a few things at the market. Or you happen to be heading to the bank and then to browse at the sales section. 

You can make your bag a cross-body for daily use and it makes life so much better. 
Also, if you are a fan of vintage chain bags you can mix them with your modern style. 

How does a chain bag upgrade your style?

Written by Heather Noire