6 Reasons To Own A Chanel WOC

Flashback to 2006, I’m flipping through a fashion magazine and I find myself significantly fascinated with one fashion campaign. A model is draped in these luxurious classy clothing, not to over the top. And this magnificent bag is draped across her shoulder as to say, well I’m here, get used to it. The real hero piece that caught my attention was the Chanel iconic style. 

The style of this particular bag had come out a few years ago earlier, and what got me was the history of it. A throwback, to what made Coco Chanel a household name. Ever since, I have been in love with the iconic French fashion houses exquisite designs from classics, to limited editions, and so on. 

 When it comes to investing in a luxury handbag, it’s obviously critical to find a style you really, truly love. Equally important and often overlooked, educating yourself on which bags will never go out of style and become an old favourite. To give you a sense of how the handbag market works, it is important to pay attention to some new trends popping up. The one in particular making waves is the mini bag trend. 

Many people like this mainly because you get sick of having to carry around a huge tote everywhere you go. This can be super irritating if you happen to be running errands and you’re not making ways to an airport for example, then it isn’t important to bring a huge bag with you. How do you keep on with this mini bag era, but still keep it a classic? You simply invest in a Chanel WOC of course. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should own a Chanel WOC

               It is a Chanel classic 

A Chanel bag in general is a symbol of a classic Parisian accessory that most women of all ages desire to obtain one day. And why not be the classic investor that will surely get your money’s worth. 

             They come in many variations

If you are not too happy about a newer classic, you can always go for a more modern flavour. Being a chevron print, different hardware, or even another colour for a vibrant style statement look.

         Wear it anywhere

You can go shopping, get coffee, or attend a meeting with this item. It has such a smart appearance, yet it is so breathtakingly gorgeous that you can’t turn away.

          Your first Chanel 

If you are one of those people who take it super seriously. And you happen to want a first Chanel item. Then besides the classic flap, you can own a Chanel WOC. It gives a flap vibe but is less in your face and portrays your style with alternatives.

        Converted Style 

When you really look at this style carefully, you will notice it can convert to a clutch for special events. And dressy occasions. Simply tuck the chain inside and go about your nightlife. 

           Better prices with consignment shops

The most important thing in life, is getting a great deal. And what better way to save a bit then getting your bag on a fashionable consignment website. Here you can get your bag without hesitation or paying full retail value. The best sites I can recommend are Fashionphile, and Luxury Closet. Not only do these places have great prices, but they have such an incredible catalogue selection and discounts that are to juicy to ignore.

How do you rock the Chanel WOC?

Written by Heather Noire    

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