Why Espadrille Flats Are Comfortable For Summer

The new arrivals section in stores or online, is a place that I look for inspiration about which pieces to add to my wardrobe, but no item speaks to me as much as their dazzling shoe section. I believe the power of a great shoe makes an investment definitely wisely. And you get so much use out of the versatility train as well. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a complete style take over either. When it comes heavily leading into summer styles I’m ready to add to my holiday wardrobe. 
Photo: Getty Images Espadrille
A trend that is truly never going away and slightly becoming a classic everyday look is comfort. Whether it is in the clothes, accessories, you wear or the feel of nice texture on your skin. Feeling like you are walking on a cloud is much recommended. I have very sensitive feet myself, so I tend to like comfort when it comes to the shoes I wear on my feet. That is why when I was shopping recently, I came across these incredible leather flats. No not your typical ballet flat, these beauties are super chic and ultra-comfortable. The Espadrille flats are so sought after and my new favourite pair of shoes for summer. 
Photo: Espadrille Flats Chanel 
You can wear them casual, dressy, or anything in-between. The style options are endless and you can get them in different fabrics. What I really love about these shoes, is how you can wear them on a holiday escape then turn around and rock them with your go to shopping outfit. Don’t let the flat shoes fool you ladies, I know we like our heels for super human height appeal, but these Espadrille flats are truly magical. 
Photo: Street Style Getty Images 
I have seen people wearing them in the city just grabbing there morning cup of coffee. To waiting in line for that fresh moist chocolate donut at the best bakery on the planet. 
Photo: Splash New Street Style 
And if you are an investment girl and want a designer pair. They make them for YSL and I got to say, these shoes are so spectacular no other one can compete. What is also amazing, is the comfort your feet receive. 
Photo: Street Style Getty Images 
It is as if you are giving your feet a spa day that is much needed especially with pounding the pavements weekly while commuting. 

You can dress these shoes up or down and work them into your daily wardrobe. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, so below I have compiled a few styles of this shoe trend so you can shop the look for yourself.  

What do you think of the Espadrille Flats

Written by Heather Noire     

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