Survival of the Chicest: The Top 5 Sizzling Summer Essentials

When it comes to summer, the sun is officially out-and it is accompanied by a bunch of new and exciting trends. The style set has taken a break from the holiday season to descend upon our love affair with fashion, and it doesn’t look like they’ve travelled light. Suitcases full of the latest looks have already been plundered for new goods and fresh combinations over the past couple of days, and its proving to be a useful boost for our current summer wardrobes. 
Photo: Summer Essentials  
There are new-season trends we’ve already become well acquainted with, but there’s always scope for something different and this lot are already jumping ahead of what’s popular right now in order to inject a little excitement into your hot-weather line up.
Photo: Summer Essentials 
The city streets are always elaborated and decadent varying city by city, so I have decided to showcase some must have sizzling summer essentials you will defiantly want to grab before they vanish into thin air. When it comes to the seasons changing, the best way to really get a kick out of the new wave is by combining your own induvial style with these hot finds. 

Photo: Gucci Soho Disco Bag
This is definitely a lead off statement, but when it comes to summer essentials, every woman needs a great cross-body bag. Not only is it handy for those pesky airport trips, but you can dress it up for dinner and turn around and rock it casual as you browse amongst the shops. 
Photo: Gucci Soho Disco Bag Beige 
The Gucci Soho Disco Bag is not only a classic from Gucci but it is the most stunning bag on the planet. And this style can transition from summer to fall in the blink of an eye. What makes this bag perfect, is the gorgeous colours it comes in. 
Photo: Gucci Soho Disco Bag Red
If you want a classic black, or a bubbly beige, you can’t go wrong with a ravishing vibrant red for a pop of colour to your already fabulous outfit. The Gucci Soho is a great invest piece to add in your handbag collection. 

Photo: Lulus Floral Dress
When it comes to the versatile look we all need to own a dress for summer just does the job right. But it can't be just any random dress, oh no, it has to be something with a little more extra to its name and of course style. This floral blue dress from Lulus is a great dress for any completion. With its soft light weight material, it makes it perfect to wear during the day, perhaps brunch with the girls. And turn around and go out on the town with this comfortable style statement. I absolutely love how many styles you can work into with this dress.  
Photo: Lulus White Sunglasses 
This one literally is a no brainer. We all want to protect our eyes during these hot summer rays from the sun. So what better way to do that then a pair of sexy sunglasses. I love how sunglasses can not only be a great accessory, but they can really frame your face in the best light. Also, you are not only looking good but your protecting your eye sight which is obviously very precious. These White sunglasses from Lulus are the best combination of modern influences with a retro vibe. You can match them with any style and look really cool for the summer. 
Photo: H&M Wedges 
The best thing about shopping is when you find those incredible shoes that you just have to have. And the best part is they are comfortable and chic for the season. These H&M wedges are the perfect sunshine yellow to really make your summer season pop. I love how sleek they are and how you can wear them with jeans, a dress, or even a fabulous jumpsuit.  
Photo: Rachel Zoe Earrings 

The perfect accessory to save the best for last. Is a pair of chandelier earrings. I know it sounds over the top, but to be honest. We ladies need that glamour piece to really set off a great look. And these chandelier earrings from Rachel Zoe are the perfect shine to add in a band of gold. You can wear these earrings with a t shirt or a great dressy outfit for that much needed cocktail hour. 

What are your favourite summer essentials? 

Photo: Summer Essentials 

Written by Heather Noire