5 Staple Pieces For Fall

As many designer’s place sustainability at the forefront of their practice, there’s been an overwhelming return of simplicity. While I’m not talking about a blackout on all things fanciful and decorative, What I have noticed is a return to some staples emerging across New York, London, Paris, and Milan. As the message of “buy less; buy better” gets repeated across the board.
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The one thing I’m most excited to see is people’s take in the city of what simplistic staples mean in their closet. With fall being the most fun time of year, it is no wonder we are heading out with our winter coats and lattes in hand. Ready to take on fall? You bet we are and it is best to do it in the best style staples possible. Personally, I love fall. The cooler weather, the new styles arriving in stores, and of course the too cool for school attitude that echoes across the city. 
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Hardly a stranger to the catwalk, can ignore pieces that will be forever mounted in your mindful wardrobe in your head. That so chic piece that you just can’t take your eyes off as each model struts down the runway with ease. Designers are always trying to reinvent a classic. Or take on a new light but honestly, it is better when it can fit into your life and be functional while still maintaining style. 

If your like me, and your wanting to get more wear out of your wardrobe, the best place to start is my guide to the 5 Staple Pieces you need to look your best for fall. 

1.)       Faux Fur Coat

Doesn’t matter your personal style. A faux fur winter coat is not only a classic in itself, but it can really take your outfit from basic too hot in seconds. There is something glamour’s and mysterious about a fur coat that has our tongues wagging strong. 

2.)       Blazer

I feel a blazer is a classic staple for any season. But when it comes to fall and winter, you can throw this over a jumper and call it a day. Not only will you look sophisticated and sleek but you can get so much use from work day to night life. 

3.)       Puffer Jacket

You may not feel a big puffy jacket is feminine, but that is where you are wrong. When dressed right with the proper boots and jeans you can look like a French style editor in minutes. I love how casual this jacket can be, yet you can also look very dressy and beautiful. 

4.)       Shoulder Bag

A bag is the perfect accessory to really complete your whole look. Without the chicest bag than you end up looking incomplete. For this season, it just makes sense to feel put together and this does the job. 

5.)       Boots

You can always rock boots. With a skirt, dress, leggings, jeans. But when it comes to fall boots are the best way to keep your feet toasty warm while you have a good time in the style scene. 

Below are more staple pieces for fall you can shop. 

What is your favourite staple for fall?

Written by Heather Noire