23 November 2020

Street Seeker: 5 Ways Metallic Gold Caught My Attention

Metallic Gold

When it comes to an element that will truly never go out of style my hat goes off to metallic gold

Not only is it a beautiful colour but it can be worn for any season and occasion. 

It is also ageless which is the perfect goldmine of elegant class with style.

Gold Mood Board
Photo: Gold Metallic Mood Board 
What makes this so gorgeous is the power of versatility. You can dress metallic gold up or down and still have that balance of wear. 

With fall, here and our clothes are changing. Many people assume metallic are great for the season. But honestly, gold is really a great excuse to just be shinny and look brand new no matter the forecast. 

Pinterest Gold Accessories

Accessories Are the Best Part- The best part off any outfit is the accessories. Your eyes go straight to them. Whether it is metallic gold jewellery, fantastic shoes, or my personal favourite a handbag. By adding the chicest accessory, it can really elevate your style. And make you stand out above the crowd. 

Gold Accessories

Pinterest Gold Street Style

Stay Golden & Warm- With the elements off the cold, it only makes sense to bundle up. The funnest way to explore metallic gold further is by rocking a gold jacket

Not only is it a standout moment for your look but it showcases your personality, while keeping you toasty warm. 

Pinterest Gold Jeans

Sneak in the casual element- From the runway, to the streets of the city. Metallic gold jeans are the perfect way to dress up a classic item while giving the element of surprise to a casual outfit.

Gold Shorts

Easy and go- The easiest way for a woman on the go to look polished and sophisticated is to have that effortless feel. When it comes to the metallic gold, a short is the perfect balance between put together and ease. Pair it with some nude undertones and you have a winning outfit. 

Gold Pinterest Metallic Dress

Nightlife that sparkles- When you look at the catwalk, one designer loves to sparkle with metallic gold being the main event. Take inspiration for a date night, party, or special event and incorporate this sparkle into a gold dress. It may seem over the top but it is a fabulous alternative to the little black dress. 

Why should you wear gold instead of typical tones? You can mix the metallic with cohesive separates, and blend the colour with your fabulous basics and look spectacular. Editing your style with even the smallest hints of metallic gold can be fun to try out on a day or evening look. 

The colour is eye catching and when you look at the element you automatically think off warmth, beauty, and an evergreen feeling. It brings out these emotions and makes you feel timeless. Metallic gold provokes happiness and causes you to instantly light up like the sun and glow bold like the moon beyond the horizon. 

Personally, I absolutely adore metallic gold and this season it caught my attention in the best way it possibly could. It is effortless and just plain cool. 

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How will you incorporate metallic gold into your wardrobe? 

Written by
Heather Noire 



20 June 2020

Reworking A Classic: Denim

I know you hear this all the time and it’s true, denim is always a favourite fabric and it will never go out of style. I literally wear some form of denim 3-4 times out of the week. This sought-after material globally, has been reworked in a new way. 
From shoes, bags, shirts, trousers, and even dresses. 
Denim has taken its versatility to new and exciting heights, with new concepts that lead this material to an interesting medium. 

Photo: Bauchle Fashion Denim Edit 
These styles are not your average denim looks you are accustom too. You can definitely rock the classics with a mix of cool, calm, and relaxed. I love how casual denim is but at the same time when styled in the right way can give off a somewhat dressy affair. 
  You may not think of this but you can take a casual material like denim, and make it work for a glam night out and be the complete life of the party. The look alone was a key trend shown on the runways and a popular choice in the street style scene as well. 

Photo: Bauchle Fashion Denim Edit 
Don’t call it a 90s revival because denim is so iconic it can’t be brought back because it never left. There are influences from the past brought back to redo denim for a more modern take for sure. But when it comes right down to it, denim is such an easy material to work into your wardrobe that makes it so you can look like you don’t have to try.

Photo: Bauchle Fashion Denim Edit 
Designers like Balmain and Chanel just to name a few. Sent perfectly tailored denim collections down the runway with cool chick ease. Showcasing dark hues to lighter shades along with endless styling combinations. 

Photo: Bauchle Fashion Denim Edit
Since denim is our most go to piece in our wardrobes, we have to find fresh new innovative ways of wearing them. I have gathered some great style inspiration on how you can rock denim in your own way. 

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How do you wear this classic material denim? 

Written by Heather Noire         

13 June 2020

Accessories Forecast: Diamond Necklaces Are A Girl's Best Friend

If you’re in any way drawn to the inherit and timeless beauty that is diamonds, you’re well aware that the sparkling gemstone is an accessories staple that will never ever go out of style. It has to be one of the most charming gifts that you can receive from a loved one. A simple diamond accessory has a stunning quality that is not to be underestimated. 

Whether it is set in gold, silver, adorned with a petite amount of stones, a shiny accessory around your neck makes for a one of a kind statement piece that every woman globally wants. 

Diamond Necklaces
Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue 
If you are looking into possibly building up a well-rounded jewellery collection you’ll be proud of in 10 years or in search for a gift that will surely delight, you can’t go wrong with rewarding yourself with this instant classic. A large variety comes to mind when we think about diamond pieces. From the dainty pieces that are begging to be layered to pendants that deserve to be worn on their own in a solo collection. There are necklace designs to suit everyone’s individual taste.

Diamond Necklaces
Photo: TatlerUK
When it comes to picking the right accessory. Make sure you choose a design that stands the test of time, because after all as the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That statement is a fact, just as shiny and gorgeous as these gemstones are especially when worn for a night out. 

Whenever we think of diamonds a lot of people picture rich, sleek, and even sparkly pieces draped across your body. But when it comes to fashion as a whole, you can really break all the rules and try something different for yourself. Like wearing diamonds during the day as you shop at your favourite store with that classic t-shirt and jeans. It may seem ridiculous, but the key to making it work is truly all in the styling.

Diamond Accessories
Photo: Getty Images Diamond Editoral 
If diamond necklaces seem to be over the top for you, or you just feel you can’t possibly pull them off unless you are an heiress of a fortune 500 company. The best solution that works quite well is when you introduce the look gradually. 

Diamond Accessories
Photo: Getty Images Diamond Rings 
How you might ask? By opting for a diamond ring instead. You don’t have to be married or engaged by your wealthy businessman to rock a ring. It is a great accessory that just makes you feel oh so feminine and glamour’s. And like a fabulous new outfit, you will be the belle of the ball with a shiny new friend on your hand.

Diamond Rings
Photo: Getty Images Diamond Accessories 

What diamond necklaces do you prefer? 

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*This article is in collaboration with Nakturnal! 

Written by Heather Noire  


2 June 2020

How To Wear Vinyl Pants Like A Fashion Expert

There was a time when a love for vinyl was a reference to your sizeable record collection, but now this flashy fabric has entrenched itself in the mainstream. (well the chic fashion mainstream industry anyway). Wipe clean and high impact, every item of clothing you could think of has been given the vinyl treatment-from trousers and coats to skirts and even stylish accessories- instantly transforming any run of the mill item into a serious hot statement piece. 

As a person who has a personality that showcases it quite well through my wicked fashion sense. Something so vibrant and stand out above the crowd piece just makes perfect sense. One style in particular that is becoming more popular than ever especially across all of social media, is vinyl leggings. Not only is this style a reminiscing of the early 90s fashion. But it is absolutely modern for today’s fashion industry. What is old is new again. And this just makes us fashionistas truly happy. 

The vinyl-ambivalent can rest assured that there are plenty of ways to work this look without looking like a bin-liner. If the idea of stepping out in a pair of vinyl trousers terrifies you then there are plenty of high-shine accessories around that will allow you to dip your toe in without being overwhelmed. Take your cues from some chic street style inspiration by style lovers way of rocking this look quite casually and with an everyday feel. 

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, then a vinyl skirt is the thing for you. The secret to rocking this style well, is to keep the rest of your outfit simple so the focus will be on the vinyl piece. This look will defiantly be memorable and be prepared to turn heads! I have picked some surprisingly cool ways to wear the vinyl pants from the street style scene, including polished blouses tucked in to elongate the figure, paired for a versatile outfit. Wear these burning looks from day to night in a breeze.

 *Shop these vinyl styles in the links marked.

Which style is your favourite? 

Written by Heather Noire          

15 February 2020

How Gold Necklaces Are The Best Accessory In 2020

Just like the old saying goes, less is more. In 2020, it seems we are skipping that memo with some stunning gold accessories. Layering by adding more and more can be quite gorgeous. I know what you are probably thinking, what about the method of removing something before you go out the door? Fashion is about experimenting and this doesn’t just have to do with your clothing only. Never limit your freedom of expression when it comes to what you wear. Feel free to add on or take off what you feel best suits you and that fantastic outfit of yours. 

Gold Necklaces
Gold Accessories 
It is kind of difficult lately to turn ourselves away from a shop window when you feel your pulse racing. And you can’t help but desire to purchase a new piece of bling. For 2020, celebrating life every day in style is what makes this new year that much more interesting. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because I feel it’s best to just see as the tide goes.

Gold Necklaces
Gold Necklaces 
Some people are the classic sets. Those who prefer to purchase something gorgeous and timeless. An evergreen piece that defiantly won’t go out of style. And then you have the trend setters, the social media lovers who thrive off of the latest style. And a mixture of everyone else who quite frankly, buy whatever they fancy whether it is in style or not. Because when it comes right down to it, it’s the wearer not the starrer.

Gold Necklaces
Gold Accessories
I am a handbag lover myself, but I feel jewellery can really make a bold statement just like your prized handbag. You walk right out that door and you untimely feel like an outer body experience. Being on top of the world, is truly an understatement for the decades. You just feel so amazing and you want the world to see your divine taste that explodes across the city streets. 

Gold Necklaces
Gold Necklaces 
Not all accessories can make us sing with delight. It is important to remember that there’s some people who don’t wear jewellery at all and those people deserve to rock a chic style also. How do you do this right? Well, make sure you be brave and step out of your comfort zone by trying an unusual gold accessory for 2020.

What do you think about gold necklaces for 2020?

*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!  

Written by Heather Noire      



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