How To Wear Vinyl Pants Like A Fashion Expert

There was a time when a love for vinyl was a reference to your sizeable record collection, but now this flashy fabric has entrenched itself in the mainstream. (well the chic fashion mainstream industry anyway). Wipe clean and high impact, every item of clothing you could think of has been given the vinyl treatment-from trousers and coats to skirts and even stylish accessories- instantly transforming any run of the mill item into a serious hot statement piece. 

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As a person who has a personality that showcases it quite well through my wicked fashion sense. Something so vibrant and stand out above the crowd piece just makes perfect sense. One style in particular that is becoming more popular than ever especially across all of social media, is vinyl leggings. Not only is this style a reminiscing of the early 90s fashion. But it is absolutely modern for today’s fashion industry. What is old is new again. And this just makes us fashionistas truly happy. 

The vinyl-ambivalent can rest assured that there are plenty of ways to work this look without looking like a bin-liner. If the idea of stepping out in a pair of vinyl trousers terrifies you then there are plenty of high-shine accessories around that will allow you to dip your toe in without being overwhelmed. Take your cues from some chic street style inspiration by style lovers way of rocking this look quite casually and with an everyday feel. 

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, then a vinyl skirt is the thing for you. The secret to rocking this style well, is to keep the rest of your outfit simple so the focus will be on the vinyl piece. This look will defiantly be memorable and be prepared to turn heads! I have picked some surprisingly cool ways to wear the vinyl pants from the street style scene, including polished blouses tucked in to elongate the figure, paired for a versatile outfit. Wear these burning looks from day to night in a breeze.

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Which style is your favourite? 

Written by Heather Noire          

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