Street Seeker: 5 Ways Metallic Gold Caught My Attention

Metallic Gold

When it comes to an element that will truly never go out of style my hat goes off to metallic gold

Not only is it a beautiful colour but it can be worn for any season and occasion. 

It is also ageless which is the perfect goldmine of elegant class with style.

Gold Mood Board
Photo: Gold Metallic Mood Board 
What makes this so gorgeous is the power of versatility. You can dress metallic gold up or down and still have that balance of wear. 

With fall, here and our clothes are changing. Many people assume metallic are great for the season. But honestly, gold is really a great excuse to just be shinny and look brand new no matter the forecast. 

Pinterest Gold Accessories

Accessories Are the Best Part- The best part off any outfit is the accessories. Your eyes go straight to them. Whether it is metallic gold jewellery, fantastic shoes, or my personal favourite a handbag. By adding the chicest accessory, it can really elevate your style. And make you stand out above the crowd. 

Gold Accessories

Pinterest Gold Street Style

Stay Golden & Warm- With the elements off the cold, it only makes sense to bundle up. The funnest way to explore metallic gold further is by rocking a gold jacket

Not only is it a standout moment for your look but it showcases your personality, while keeping you toasty warm. 

Pinterest Gold Jeans

Sneak in the casual element- From the runway, to the streets of the city. Metallic gold jeans are the perfect way to dress up a classic item while giving the element of surprise to a casual outfit.

Gold Shorts

Easy and go- The easiest way for a woman on the go to look polished and sophisticated is to have that effortless feel. When it comes to the metallic gold, a short is the perfect balance between put together and ease. Pair it with some nude undertones and you have a winning outfit. 

Gold Pinterest Metallic Dress

Nightlife that sparkles- When you look at the catwalk, one designer loves to sparkle with metallic gold being the main event. Take inspiration for a date night, party, or special event and incorporate this sparkle into a gold dress. It may seem over the top but it is a fabulous alternative to the little black dress. 

Why should you wear gold instead of typical tones? You can mix the metallic with cohesive separates, and blend the colour with your fabulous basics and look spectacular. Editing your style with even the smallest hints of metallic gold can be fun to try out on a day or evening look. 

The colour is eye catching and when you look at the element you automatically think off warmth, beauty, and an evergreen feeling. It brings out these emotions and makes you feel timeless. Metallic gold provokes happiness and causes you to instantly light up like the sun and glow bold like the moon beyond the horizon. 

Personally, I absolutely adore metallic gold and this season it caught my attention in the best way it possibly could. It is effortless and just plain cool. 

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How will you incorporate metallic gold into your wardrobe? 

Written by
Heather Noire 



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