22 October 2021

Irina Shabayeva Is Ruling The Fashion Game

I have to be honest; I really love fashion. And not just the typical things associated with the industry. I adore creativity, originality, powerhouse, attitude, and truly great style. That is how I would describe Irina Shabayeva. She is the winner off season six off Project Runway. Her New York-inspired women’s warrior collection is what set her apart from the rest of the competitors and made her ultimately stand out and win. 

Irina Shabayeva "I wanted to send a message that it's OK to be a woman and be fragile, but it's also OK to have a layer of armor, because you need it." -Irina 

The Fashion Cult
Source: The Fashion Cult 

The Fashion Cult
Source: The Fashion Cult 

Project Runway focuses on fashion design. Designers compete, to create the best clothes and are restricted by time, materials, and theme. Their designs are judged by a panel, and one or more designers is eliminated each week. Talk about pressure, right? Well for Irina, this never bothered her. She continued to show her talents through each stage in her life, since winning and it’s been incredibly impressive. 

MJZ Pret a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris featuring Helena Gatsby

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris 

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris 

MJZ prêt a porter
Photo: MJZ prêt a porter l'officiel paris 

Competing on All Stars from Project Runway, which was equally as fun and competitive with an edge, Irina showed her versatility she possesses and that hasn’t stopped her from ruling the fashion game. Especially, since she can turn a garment out and make it look very expensive. 


I had the pleasure to ask Irina 5 quick questions, for my interview with her and she didn’t disappoint. 


Heather Noire: How has Project Runway shaped you as a designer? 


Irina Shabayeva: I don’t think Project Runway has shaped me as a designer. It did, however, give me a great opportunity to show my work to a large audience. I think my experience in the fashion industry and my education most of all has shaped me as a designer. While working on my BFA at Parsons School Design, I learned all the technical as well as creative skills needed to execute my ideas. Contrary to what most people think about art and design school it’s a lot of hard work. Any Parsons Fashion BFA alumni will tell you, that we had very little almost no time for a social life and ran on 4-6 hours of sleep a night for the four years it took to complete the design program. Between writing papers for our liberal arts courses, illustration classes, draping and pattern making classes we were completely booked. I am grateful for my education because it gave me confidence and taught me how to master my creative skills. 


Heather Noire: Where do you find your creativity? 


Irina Shabayeva: I find creativity everywhere. Everyday life and nature never cease to inspire. I love bookstores, museums, and large bodies of water, that’s where I’m most inspired. 


Heather Noire: Is there a misconception about you?


Irina Shabayeva: There are no misconceptions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and understands things from their level of perception. With that being said, I think the world still views confident ambitious women a lot differently than confident ambitious men. I have no interest in fitting into antiquated ideas of femininity. 


Heather Noire: What sneak peek off your current projects are you working on as we speak? 


Irina Shabayeva: I am currently working on a Pret a porter/ready to wear collection for Maison MJZ in Paris and New York. It’s a Parisian based couture house, that specializes in high end couture made to order pieces in exotic materials. MAISONMJZ.com In addition to designing the MJZ couture, we are expanding into the luxury ready to wear market. The ready to wear collection is more an “effortless chic” look made in luxurious leathers and jerseys. The ready to wear collection will be available to purchase in early 2022. 


Heather Noire: Why did you decide to become a designer? 


Irina Shabayeva: I loved art from an early age. I started drawing and painting at the age of 5. I don’t think I decided to become a designer, I followed my talents where they led me organically. I went to Parsons with the intent of becoming a painter and complete the fine art program. I ended up in the fashion program because it seemed more exciting to me. I love sculpture/sculping and design, that to me translated to fashion design. 


Interview written and conducted by Heather Noire of Bauchle Fashion.


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21 October 2021

Trending now: Autumn Suits

From Stockholm to Copenhagen, New York to London, the street style set has spoken. And Autumn 2021 is all about the oversized suit. Leave it to menswear inspiration, to get your style juices flowing in the most sophisticated possible path. Consider the oversized blazer a fuss-free essential. This borrowed-from-the-boys, boxy silhouette is an elevated edition to any outfit. The oversized tailoring provides a template for many of the season’s other trends that are right off the runway: 70’s fever, colour bold saturation, and leather. 


In terms of reinventing the silhouette, two approaches emerged: sharp, angular cuts (Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, The Row) and shapely hourglass curves (Celine, Mugler, Givenchy)-the common denominator is wide, statement shoulders that play with proportions and augment confidence levels. 


As for materials, there was a resurgence of 70’s fever of print textiles, as well as the corporate grey attire reminiscing of Wall Street, this time rendered in looser, billowing fit that curtail the unusual austerity of office dress-codes. Leather was also big this season, making a special compelling case for sleekness when tailored as coordinating blazers and trousers. And, finally, is this season’s widespread saturated high, offering every colour in the rainbow ranging from electric neon’s, rich jewel tones, burnt orange, and bold hues. 


I have put together a few *shop-able oversized suit options, that will get you eager to try out this hot autumn trend in fashion. 


What do you think about the oversized suit trend for autumn? 


Written by Heather Noire 

Banana Republic High-Rise Wide-Leg Italian Wool Pant: $149.00 

H&M Oversized Jacket in light grey: $49.99

(Similar suit style) Boohoo Mix & Match Tonal Breasted Blazer: $30.00 

LaMarque Felina Oversized Boyfriend Leather Blazer: $595

Max Mara Camel-wool Single-Breasted Blazer: $1,835

The Row Oversized Double Breasted Jacket: $2,450

ASOS Daisy Street Relaxed Blazer: $56.00

Shop-able oversized suit options


16 October 2021

These 7 Mango Pieces Will Refresh Your Autumn Wardrobe


 It’s easy to think that the fashion community as one big, trend factory, but it’s a diverse mosaic of varying style subcultures. One of which I frequently find myself referencing is the chic, cool girl. That is a broad category, it’s a bit of a fearless standout, a bit of trying something new, but mixing in classic pieces as well. And it most importantly, echoes downtown sensibility. You’ll find equal parts vintage and semi dressy trends in their closet, along with some incredible items you can’t take your eyes off. In short, you feel like it’s the kind of crowd to look to when you need to express your own individuality. Best of all, the incredible, gorgeous pieces are all from Mango


To have the it-girl fashion scene down, you must be able to emerge victorious and make it seem naturally effortless. And what better way to do this right than refresh for the autumn season. The popularity of nostalgia mixed with a bit of retro is a style that we can’t turn away from. With bold prints, classic takes on a true classic, to just fun versatile fashion, Mango’s styling house has got you covered. 


For the full report of which 7 Mango pieces will refresh your autumn wardrobe, keep scrolling below to shop these pieces. 


Which Mango piece is your favourite? 


Written by Heather Noire 

Textured flowing dress by Mango SHOP HERE 

Textured flowing dress

This textured flowing dress in floral print is just perfect. It has an effortless appeal, while being incredibly romantic. You can wear this dress in any season, change accessories, and shoes and work it all season long. It looks flattering, when paired for a casual day and jaw dropping night out. 

V-neck knit sweater by Mango SHOP HERE 

V-neck knit sweater 

A v-neck jumper in general should be a classic item that every woman has in their closet. It is just a item you can wear casual and look gorgeous. And dress it up on the cooler nights as well. The fabric is so soft and cozy you literally won't want to take it off. 

Mango Marble Dress
Marble print dress by Mango SHOP HERE 

Marble print dress

When it comes to flirting with the retro vibes and nostalgic attitudes, it only makes sense to go with a fun and flirty print. This marble dress really stands out because it says, "I'm fun" yet conveys a 60s sophistication in the b&w marble print. And it looks so chic. 

Mango Coat
Lapels wool coat by Mango SHOP HERE 

Lapels wool coat

Wool coats take over autumn wardrobes always, but what happens when you make a wool coat into a soft pastel colour? You get pure style genius. A pastel hue is underhand off for fall. But with the right colour story and styling, this lavender coat will be perfection. 

Checks knitted sweater by Mango SHOP HERE 

Checks & Balances

This checks knitted sweater has all the makings for a statement piece. It stand out in the best way possible. And still looks stylishly safe with a pair of your favourite go-to jeans. The printed trend is a must have for our autumn wardrobe. 

Mango Pants
High-rise leather pants by Mango SHOP HERE 

High-rise leather pants

These high-rise leather pants have that 70's vibe and we love them. The cut, style, and silhouette is addictive and you can imagine so many style choices to work with these leather pants to your advantage. 

Mango Bag
Croc-effect shopper bag from Mango SHOP HERE 

Croc-effect shopper bag 

This bag is just drop dead gorgeous from head-to-toe! I mean the croc-effect is so expressive looking. And the polished feel, boss lady quality is amazing. I can see why it is a must-have accessory to complete your hot style for autumn. 


13 October 2021

Brand Spotlight: 5 Reasons To Love Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

The brand being spotlighted this month is Stella McCartney. She happens to be the daughter off Paul McCartney, from the British band The Beatles. But don’t let her seemingly posh background fool you. She knows her way around mixing feminine styles, with sharp tailored edges. And most importantly, she knows exactly no matter your background, or culture what it feels like to be a woman. 


Stella McCartney
Photo: Sonny Vandevelde

Her ways of adding that feminine touch, makes all her garments look so beautiful to the touch. You can really see and feel a mixed sense of emotions. Most importantly, you feel what it is like to step into her world. McCartney defines what it means to be an authentic designer. She echoes an elegant spirit that is present in the pieces she puts out. Most of all, you can see the lightness off her especially, when she speaks so highly about her mum being a major inspiration to her.


Stella McCartney
Photo: Sonny Vandevelde

 There is this real human spirit from her that shines above the coldness and the white noise of the industry. Her effortless feel, with old faithful pieces, is truly what makes her iconic of what she creates.   


Sonny Vandevelde
Photo: Sonny Vandevelde

Keep scrolling to check out the 5 reasons to love Stella McCartney. 

*Shop some of her pieces highlighted below. 

Photo: Stella McCartney Vogue

Her menswear background is phenomenal

After graduating, she shadowed Savile Row tailor, Edward Sexton to learn more about the craft. She is renewed for her sharp, simple tailoring with a feminine edge and considerable approach to wearable design."It's not about what it looks like in the studio or on the runway," "It's what it looks like on a real person that matters. That isn't easy, but it's what's fun."

Photo: Nick Harvey on Getty Images 

She's an environmentalist and supporter of animal rights

Following in the footsteps of her mother Linda, She is a fearless supporter of animal rights and a strict vegetarian. She refuses to use leather or fur in any of her designs, instead her shoes are made of vinyl or plastic and all belts and bags made from raffia and fabric. 

Photo: Adidas 

She collaborated with Adidas

She launched a joint-venture line with Adidas, establishing a long-term partnership with the cooperation, in September 2004. The collection called simply Adidas by Stella McCartney, has since grown to include a wide range of different sportswear including yoga, tennis, winter sports and golf. 

Stella McCartney
Photo: Stella McCartney 

Her handbags are amazing

She always pulls from different sources of inspiration, that takes a true innovative artist to do. As a designer, she knows how to make a handbag, which is a must-have accessory into something fun, interesting, and very feminine. 

Logo Mania
Photo: Vogue.co.uk

She kicks the logo trends arse

Logo mania is always going to be a trend. Whether we are all for it or not. But one thing is for sure, McCartney knows how to work the logo thing to her advantage. Not only does her bold logo look cool, and not tacky, but she touches on classic styles, as well as street wear, and fully kicks its arse, without apologising which I absolutely love. 

What do you think of Stella McCartney? 

Written by Heather Noire 

Stella McCartney 


11 October 2021

Paris Fashion Week: Saint Laurent Decided To Seduce Us


“Take me out, it’s chic outside,” said an upbeat Heather Noire when asked to summarise Saint Laurent’s collection’s mood show to the coveted Paris Fashion Week. Eager like the rest of us to leave behind the doom and gloom for the past two years and “feel the heat of the romantic lines, dripping in seduction from the 2022 collection that just made sense.” The cue from the modern tailoring, sexy silhouettes, seduced body-con looks that were a blend of tainted rock roll. And the ever so cool stylish, women that rocked the runway in front of the Eiffel Tower as the most powerful backdrop of confidence and allure.  

The collection was mystifying and kept to Saint Laurent’s true iconic roots. The all-black pieces were anything but boring, with new shapes on an old idea. The hues, prints, were a pop of energy and joy that echoed throughout the line. The attitude heard was, “A woman should please herself, flaunt what she has, and add an accessory.” 

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

While the Parisian fashion house is known for beautiful bags for evening-the structured shapes, the tiny sizes, the glam materials! -there’s no question that when it comes to the humble clutch, it can be a pain to carry around especially on a night of adventure. If it doesn’t have a detachable strap, you’re stuck either juggling it with everything else you’re using or tucking it as elegantly as possible underneath your arm. For Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello, has a brand-new proposition: Just keep in the middle! 

 That’s right, when it comes to coming up with a useful concept especially for the French fashion house, you take your elegant, sleek clutch and push it beneath your waistband; not only will that free up your hands, but it’ll also help show off your fancy belt.

Photo: Saint Laurent Runway Getty Images 

Turns out, the inspiration for the brand’s latest wares delves deep into a lightbulb moment in founder Yves Saint Laurent’s career, when he was transfixed by Paloma Picasso’s infectious, free-wheeling spirit. To honour her legacy, Vaccarello took a cue from the designer’s creative sartorial takes and proficient mixing off masculine and feminine codes, imbued with a certain je ne sais quoi that struck just the right amount of scandalous. 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 

Vaccarello made his intention clear in the show notes. “For a long time, I wanted to transpose this meeting between Paloma Picasso and Yves Saint Laurent, whose importance few realize in the designer’s creative journey. It is a moment to which I am sensitive as a designer, because for me it is the defining moment when Saint Laurent’s fashion creativity became a style.” 

To quote YSL model Inès de La Fressange, “The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.” You’ll be hard-pressed to find a look here that doesn’t accomplish this.

Which outfit is your favourite from the collection? 

Written by Heather Noire 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 

Photo: Saint Laurent 2022 Collection 



8 October 2021

The Sexy Glamour Point Of View: Why Tailoring Is Having A Moment This Autumn

Before we fell in love with him for his transparent and honest critiques on 10 seasons of Project Runway, we already knew Michael Kors as the quintessential glamazonian tailored expert. He just knows exactly what it means to fit a woman’s body and extend her figure in the most positive and fabulous light. 


You instantly feel extraordinary when you put on his clothes. And this feeling has carried all the way through his entire career and continues today. He is known for his gorgeous ready-to-wear collections each season, but when it comes to a glamours point of view, his tailoring skills are giving some brands a run for their money. 


Another factor is his ability to make women feel like they are having a good time, like you are hundred percent life of the party, and the charismatic attitude makes others want to join.


 So many brands stick to an aesthetic that just works for them. And has for many years throughout their careers. But when it comes to a true customer base, hitting the refresh button can work in your favour. A lot of people have something to say. And when it comes to style & what you wear it defiantly doesn’t take a backseat to opinions. How do you make a happy medium? You don’t compromise, instead highlight the most important pieces to focus on. That is easy when it comes to tailoring having a strong effect for autumn and rightfully so. 


The glamour point of view with strong tailoring effects, can have that stand out approach, as well as an evening wear anywhere attitude that is just perfection. Imagine a little gold & black mixed with a strong print, this makes for the best standout style. If you are more minimalistic, the tailoring with a hint of glamour can work for you in more muted hues. 


I am a big fan of traditional tailoring being pumped up with a volume of glamour, that feels so elegant and unforgettable. 


Here are a few pieces, you can shop that will make your tailoring game that more chic & glamorous. 


What do you think of glamour tailored pieces being a hit in autumn? 


Written by Heather Noire 

Shop This Glamorous Look Below:

The Mauve Shop

6 October 2021

The Best Home & Décor Pieces: That Will Make Interior Designers Envious


When it comes to home & décor the first thing that catches most people’s infatuation, is the idea you can pick up pieces to highlight your homes custom space. What you represent in this haven is your own personal style file. Like fashion, our style reflects who we are, and this is the same rule when it comes to your home’s décor. What is making us addicted to interior design without really realising it, is how easy it can be to make everything unforgettable with a timeless element. 


H&M Interior
Photo: H&M Home 

As a person who thinks about long term use. It is always essential that you invest. We do this with our skin in beauty products, to what we wear, and even the bag we carry. Why not have this same attitude when it comes to our home & décor pieces? A lot of people love to decorate, and this can be the most fun and creative way to really let your inner artist come out and create something that is totally you. If you have ever watched makeover shows, you might think you have to be this big shot, so called “expert” to really know what you are doing. But believe it or not, this really isn’t needed or the case. 


H&M Home
Photo: H&M Home 

Anyone can be their own interior designer, if you know what theme you wish to express in your creative space. The best outlet that can really get things in motion, is a beautiful colour base. It can be fun to play with colour and as creative types that is the first thing our eye is drawn too. But make sure you think about what hues complement one another. It is always wise to stick with earth tones or classic colours. This way you can see what works for your own personal style. When it comes right down to the honesty factor, it is all about taste. People either have it or they don’t. You could be the best interior design mind on the planet but if you decide to install a gold toilet in your bathroom than you need to revaluate what it means to invest in home & décor timeless pieces.  


Photo: Home & Decor 

The best part about interior design, whether you are decorating your home office, refreshing your bedroom, or living area. You don’t have to have the most expensive budget. Investing in pieces can mean not paying a lot to make your place have the trendiest home & décor items that will envy most hot shot interior designers on the planet. 


Photo: Home & Decor 

I have complied a few examples, of the best home & décor pieces you can shop below, that will make so many interior designers envious. 


What pieces are you going to invest in for your home?


Written by Heather Noire  

Linen Cushion Pillow

Choose a focal point in a room where you feel the most safe. Where stress & anxiety just melts away and all you can do is feel a sense of tranquility. This is your bedroom. A linen cushion pillow from H&M is the perfect cozy item to really brighten up your space where you retire. 

Small Ceramic Vase

When you want to highlight earth tones and have a sense of a holiday villa feel. A small ceramic vase from H&M is the perfect standout piece to really transform your entire room. It looks so classy and timeless. 

Metal Table Mirror

I am a big fan of accessories, and the best one that can really be not only useful in your bathroom but can dress up your window area is a metal table mirror. It can be found at H&M and honestly, it is the perfect toilet accessory you can never go wrong with. 

Cushion Covers

You can totally hit the refresh button on your everyday boring cushions. It only takes a little bit of essential style to see that these cushion covers from H&M are the perfect accent to set off a rustic room. 

Large Stoneware Plate

Getting ready for the seasonal holidays, like Christmas, or new years. You always have to get that perfect centre piece or utensils, you can use this large stoneware plate to really impress your guests for dinner. 

Scented Candle in Glass Holder 

What makes for even a perfect gift to yourself or a loved one, is a scented candle in a glass holder. They come in different scents and styles. Plus you can feel relaxed and serene in your kitchen or living area. 

Bamboo Candle Lantern 

Bamboo candle latern spread a harmonious light and adds a cozy feel to your home. 

Flounce Duvet Cover Set

A duvet cover set in this stunning taupe hue is just so warm and inviting. It makes for the perfect essential set in a master bedroom or even a guest room. And the colour pattern can give ideas for other spaces. 

Wooden Storage Box

An antique-finish look is beauty in perfection with a wooden storage box. It can highlight the vintage elements of your space while still being incredibly modern. 

Large Stoneware Cup

Your favourite mug can be a great attention to your decor. Especially, since you use it daily. This large stoneware cup in dark green is not only stunning but goes well with your kitchen space. 




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