7 Fall Fashion Trends Worth a Splurge

According to fashion fanatics, these are the 7 Fall Fashion Trends Worth a Splurge. By Heather Noire

If there is one thing that the fashion industry has taught us over the years, it is that trends are invigorating. As the fall season is upon us, it is time for every fashion lover or occasional style influencer to take charge of splurge worthy pieces that make our fashionable hearts sing.

When it comes right down to it, trends tend to have a bad wrap. They can either be terribly cringe appealing. Or showcase a forward thinking artistic appeal. One thing that is positive regarding fall is as the forecast starts to shift in a much cooler direction. Or trending choices begin to have a crisper effect.

Fall comes to mind and the usual suspects come out to play. This isn’t always for the better. Yes, you can out on that tailored coat which we all have lingering in our closets. And rock those biker boots that never went out of style. Or you can hit a refresh button on your fashion essentials. One thing the fashion industry as a whole are known for is they like to think outside of the box. Or claim there isn’t a box at all to begin with. Which is fine for the consumer, but most of us are eager to sample these trends for daily life. The best way to follow these popular pieces is realise you don’t have to posses a PHD in fashion to wrap your mind around trends and how they can relate to you.

Whether the economy is thriving, you can be sure everyone is buying items online. It is easier and is especially critical with the pandemic we are still facing currently. So the best way to dip your toes into the fall trends, is to carefully categorise the best ones that you feel are truly worth a splurge. 

Below are 7 Fall Fashion Trends to me are highly Worth a Splurge. 

A Black Fitted Blazer

When it comes to addictive pieces that are defiantly worth a splurge it is a well made black fitted blazer. It is a classic piece that is worth every amount spent. Mainly, the most coveted reasoning has to do with the fact it never goes out of style. And despite it being a trending item it is also has staying power. It won’t deceive you into thinking it is a passer by fad. A carefully selected fitted blazer can have a real polished and put together look. Especially, when it comes to what you can pair it with successfully.

Adding a black blazer to a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt can elevate your entire outfit in a snap. You can take a casual look and perk up your style for a more polished appearance. The versatility factor is inevitable. For an evening look you can pair a blazer with chic trousers and a winning gorgeous accessory for the most stylish night out that you will never forget.

A Denim Casual Bag

The most popular trends for fall have to be the denim casual bag. You may recall denim bags being everywhere when you were just learning about fashion in your younger child years. Kind of a similar experience with the clear bags, we all remember those. The biggest difference is that denim accessories are getting a more grown up stylish makeover and us fashion fanatics are getting a real kick out of it.

Why denim as apposed to the typical leather or even canvas choices? Well, the answer is simple. As the pandemic has taken over most of our lives. We have started to embrace the casual side to fashion. No I am not talking about sweet pants and hoodies...but rather a more chicer approach to how we wear our clothes daily. And with the city mentality of grab and go out the door attitudes are being adapted globally. It only makes sense that our bags be just as commute worthy.

The positive and most incredible side to denim bags is how casual they can be yet completely transform your entire look. You can really elevate your style with an effortless appeal. The way of not trying so hard to look like a street style star. Yet you still have that cool girl factor on the tip off your sleeve. What is also wonderful about casual denim bags is you can wear them dressed up with a more casual flare and look like you know what you're doing which is always a bonus.

Leopard Print Coats

Feline attitudes are inside all of us. It doesn’t matter your personality. There is this fierce individual that wants to come out and play while feeling a sense of together in the process. This is where the classic styling of leopard print coats come in.

Since this time last year, animal print pieces, leopard in particular. Became known as the new neutral for anyone to rock over any outfit they fancied. What makes a leopard print coat so fun is the idea that super stylish cool cats can wear this coat without feeling insecure on how much of a powerful statement it makes. And one thing to be noted, it is such a pretty look as well. You can wear this coat forever its bold.

Lime Green

It is scary and can be a little problematic. But worth it if you know how to style it in your favour. I am talking about lime green. This colour alone can seem sort of out there. It can make you think of disgusting undertones. But the most fashionable thing a trend setter can do is embrace the fall fashion trends with open arms. Lime green is beginning to pop up all over the social media feeds. And the best solution is to gamble. Without this you won’t be able to do much of anything in life.

Finding the right amount of this colour and what your comfort zone permits, makes this trending tone magical for your wardrobe. Splurge on a well made knit like a jumper or a piece of well tailored trousers.

Colourful Leather

When it comes to fall fashion trends, no one can forget a classic leather piece. A well made leather jacket is worth a splurge since you will have it forever. And as it ages, it will get a lived in feel which just makes the investment even better.

Black and brown leather is what we think off when it comes to a typical leather coat or blazer. But for fall try the trendy colour leather instead. It is fun to add a stand out tone with your look. And even if you wear all neutral pieces or all black slipping on a red leather trench coat for example, can really pinpoint your fashion forward personal style. Plus, it just looks so eye catching. Since our senses and eyes immediately are naturally drawn to colour. A fact, use it as you wish.

What makes colourful leather so trendy is the idea you can explore a colour that is popular or mix you're tones to create a retro influence while still maintaining your modern influence. Leather that is a hot tone can make you stand out and change your mood in a positive fun direction.

Metallic Fever Pieces

When it comes to the golden rule. You are only to wear metallics during the holiday season. Or new years celebrations. That way of thinking is old fashioned and has gone out the door with flared jeans and big belts. Metallic fever for fall fashion trends has hit an all time high.

Whether it is an amazing sparkly accessory you just can’t stop liking on social media, or that silver dress you know you don’t need but desire to embrace for cocktail hour since it is obviously a necessity. Metallics are becoming neutrals just like animal print and even bold colours. You can wear this tone so easily and introduce pieces gradually, to see what works well during the day and can transition extremely well for the evening.

70’s Revival Fashion

When it comes to fashion bringing back decades to modernise for today’s market It only makes sense that an era with fun and eclectic personality be at the forefront. The 70’s revival fashion trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so fashion addicts can feel the disco and enjoy parts of soul as 70’s fashion is a fun splurge.

You can take a trip to your local thrift store. Even higher end ones can have some unique finds. And search through to find legit 70’s apparel. Whether it is that 70’s dress that looks so cool your mother used to rock. Or a more trending piece that isn’t just a cheap knockoff.

If that isn’t your deal. Another great way to invest in this trend is to check out local retailers that have items you feel are worth working into your stylish closet. Investing in a dress, bag, jacket, trousers, and even jewellery is a mutual way to embrace the 70’s revival and feel not so shabby chic.