5 Stylish Items That Will Dominate Date Night

Date Night Street Style Bold Hue

When it comes to dressing up for a date, it can be a real challenge deciding what to wear. While you may feel the intense pressure to make a good first impression with a trendy and chic look, it’s also important to feel comfortable and confident by letting your clothes reflect who you are. As most women know, the best looks are created with special wardrobe items and makeup that just makes you feel so good about yourself. 

The deciding factor comes full circle when you determine how exactly you should dress for a date. You’ll want to consider the location, occasion, season, since some cases the best thing is to wear what you don’t feel fake in. Don’t try to wear an outfit that you never normally wear. Your date will take notice and it can make for a more awkward impression. 

Whether you are going out to dinner for a fun night on the town, and need a new swinging statement dress. Heading to the movies for a more casual attire, or have a hot dancing night planned and need something more form fitting and seductive. There are many date night outfits to style that inspire you to take a chance on something that could make your date night look a sizzling success. 

To inspire you, I have compiled 5 stylish items that will dominate date night. You can shop now for these goodies so your date night will be a roaring success with many more nights to come.

Frenchy Style Purple Dress
Photo: Frenchy Style Street Style Photo 

Bold Dress

There is just something super sexy about natural confidence. That it can light up a room and command your attention. This comes down to dynamic personality as well as pure love for bold statements. The biggest trend in fashion we are seeing all over the place is bold colours. From electric hot pink, too true royal blue, bright orange, and the most popular, violet purple. A bold dress that happens to be in an attention grabbing hue is worth taking a chance on. Not only will your date be impressed, but they will get to know you through what you have on. And can definitely be the most fun conversion starter that will lead to more dates. 

Chloe Faye Mini Bag
Photo: Chloe Faye Mini Bag 

The Perfect Accessory 

When it comes to date night, you don't just have to be chic in what you wear. It is all about that finishing touch. What better way to keep your essentials in order than in a designer mini bag. Instead of a typical clutch, the mini style is kind of replacing that type of bag especially when it comes to the perfect accessory for a date night look. You want a bag that will compliment your outfit as well as be the finishing touch to your hot look. 

Photograph: Olivier Degoulange/REX/Shutterstock
Photograph: Olivier Degoulange/REX/Shutterstock

The Best Shoes 

Brace yourself, high heels are here to stay. Then again, they never left. You don't have to be on the catwalk to enjoy wearing a pair of high heels. In fact, for date night heels will complement your outfit and add that sex appeal that is emerging from your heart. Go with a classic pair, this way it adds to your outfit without taking centre stage. If you have a bold outfit, then make your shoes be more minimalist. Since you want to pick what piece you wish to be your spotlight maker. Don't pick shoes you can't walk in make sure you are comfortable in them, otherwise the strut could turn into a tumble and no one wants that. 

Verywell Health Gluten Free Makeup
Photo: Verywell Health 

Makeup That Suits You 

The number one mistake people make is picking makeup that doesn't go with there outfit. Take a look at what you are wearing and decide what flatters your natural features. Makeup is used to enhance your already lovely features. At the end of the day, if you are still unsure always go with less is more. Do a classic natural look and you will be safe to know that your makeup up will be gorgeous and not caked on what so ever. 

Accessories Street Style Fashion
Photograph: Stockholm.StreetStyle.com 

Classic Jewellery 

Whether your outfit for date night is bold, or your bag takes the cake, to your shoes being that crazy pattern you just can't get enough off. One thing is for sure, wearing a classic watch will elevate your entire life, oh and your outfit for the evening. It may sound a bit odd, or even unusual, but a beautiful elegant watch can make for a fashionable statement by itself. And it is highly sought after for being so handy and versatile. Not only can you wear it for your date night but you can ease it into your every day wardrobe. And you will always know what time it is if you decide not to pull out your smart phone, since that is just so rude at dinner. 

Which 5 styles will you dominate with date night? 

*Here is hoping that your date calls you back. The only way to know for sure is if you shop these essentials that are below and highlighted. 

Written by Heather Noire