6 Looks That'll Make You Convert To High-Waisted Jeans

High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeansthe most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant,” the late Yves Saint Laurent once said. “They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”


Owning a great pair of jeans takes all the effort out of pulling together an outfit. If you have jeans that fit like a glove, with a considered cut, flattering shape and perfect length, then little else is needed to complete your look. Even throwing on a simple crisp white t-shirt will suffice. 


A style-maker in a league of their own, high-waisted jeans might just be the essential you didn’t realise that your wardrobe was missing. Here’s why: with a silhouette that is statement making, polished, put together, and figure flattering all at once, this staple can be reworked, with new style reinvention repeatedly based on how you wear them. And if you fear that they will become this instant trend and be gone faster than “tiny bag charms,” you’re underestimating just how versatile they really are. 


To give you the right idea, they work on a variety of body types and everyone’s personal styles may vary, sometimes drastically, but they’ve found common ground with the same waist-defining trousers. 

You can make the look your own anyway you decide. It is all about customising the material to fit what works best and looks best on you. 


Denim is a fabric that tends to get along with everyone. When fitted correctly, it passes no unflattering or creasing judgments, act as biased in a wave of pompous attitudes in the storm of endless trends, but once you’ve found the ultimate pair of timeless iconic jeans, they’ll be your loyal campion for life and stick with you through thick and thin. 


Unlike other fabrics, wear will only make them look even better, and despite originating purely as a utilitarian fabric with function trumping its form, denim has since proven to be the very boss of fabrics, mastering the epic skills of being both reliable, versatile, and genderless.


The best stylish advice and trick? Find the style that works best for you, treat them with care, and they’ll serve you well for years. Aftercare is key to extending the shelf-life of your denim. Always wash denim inside out and never tumble dry. 


Shopping for the perfect pair if high-waisted jeans? Below I have shared my 6 favourites.

Street Style Jeans
Photo: Getty Images

Deep pocked black high-waisted skinny jeans

"I always favour a non-fuss classic pair of jeans, ideally in a solid black pair. They give this ultimate edge to any outfit, especially when paired with a classic motto styled leather jacket. You instantly get that cool chic vibe while still staying in an effortless style realm." 
Deep pocket skinny jeans black by Radian Jeans $69, Available at Radian Jeans. 

Street Style Jeans
Photo: Street Style Photography 

Pull-on flared high-rise denim trousers 

"These high-rise flared denim trousers, are so good! You will be in love with the idea of embracing the 70s trend with a modern twist. You can wear these statement making trousers dressed up or down for a spotlight chic outfit." 
Pull-on denim trousers by WMNSWR $35, Available at WMNSWR. 

Denim Trends
Photo: Sarah Flint 

High-rise dark denim jeggings 

"High-rise jeggings, are the perfect choice if you want a pair of jeans to feel like leggings. Don't be fooled, they can give this skinny silhouette and have the ultimate comfort factor that makes you desire to own a pair in as many hues that you can get your hands on." 
High-rise jeggings $24.99, Available at US Polo Assn. 

Photo: Bobbies

High-rise slim boyfriend jeans in light wash

"Shifting back to the early 90s styles can always be a fun trip. You don't have to be born in that era to appreciate a style remix. What is old, is new again can be old hat. But not when it comes to pairing a polished light wash boyfriend jeans with your favourite winter ankle boots and a smart classic blazer. This simple outfit can really elevate your natural styling ability." 
Road-tripper high-rise slim light wash boyfriend jeans $88.00, Available at Nordstrom.

Fashion Agony
Photo: Fashion Agony 

An Alternative to the typical blue denim

"I don't know why this is, but it seems like white jeans scare the shite out of people. Why is this? Well a lot of people assume they are "unflattering" or cause stains to be more than visible. This can be the case with any material. In terms of venturing into a pair of lighter denim. This is a great alternative to your traditional blue denim usual suspects. It can be dressed up or for a more casual affair, with classic neutrals and bold dynamic colours." 
White high-waisted skinny jeans $15.00, Available at SHEIN. 

90s style jeans trend
Photo: 90s Jeans Trend Getty Images 

 90s style high-waisted jeans

"Roomy 90s style high-waisted jeans in a particular darker wash are just classically perfect. You can still dress very on trend but still have the option of wearing these all year round. No matter what the season, these jeans just work on a variety of levels. They make for the little blue pair of classically defined denim. And they just look so damn good with everything how can you pass up not to own a pair." 
90s style high-waist jeans $41.40, Available at Nordstrom. 

Which of these high-waisted jeans are your ultimate favourite? 


Written by Heather Noire