The Toastiest Faux Fur Coats To Wear All Winter Long

Faux Fur Coats Vogue 1970s
Photographed by Kourken Pakchanian 1972.

I am not a true scientist over here. So don’t ask me to explain why faux fur, until very recently a bulky fiber that felt to the touch like a cheap stuffed animal, suddenly became as light and fluffy as pure vanilla whipped cream.


(Because wouldn’t you rather look like a piece of delicious dessert than a toy elephant?)

Whatever deep fabric research goes on in the fabric labs of the world led to this incredible development, it has certainly arrived at the perfect time: So many people are questioning whether to wear real fur at all, and unserious unpretentious clothes seem more than ever necessary in these dismal-okay, let’s say challenging-times. 

Not only where no animals harmed during the making of these delightful fashions, but your bank account won’t be brutally beaten either-virtually all of these reside in the affordable range. 

What is great about many designers is they are embracing the faux fur movement with open arms, and actually using other eco-friendly material to stay one step closer to sustainable fashion. 

One brand that caught my attention is Popski London. They have a range of chic, stylish, and forward design winter pieces that are worth eying this season. 

I was caught by the fashion bug, when I saw the brand new look-book. The range of faux fur coats, jackets, and even accessories is just so stunning. 

Check out and shop now some of my favourites from the brand below. 

What do you think of Popski London?

Written by Heather Noire 

Popski London
Kensington Jacket Navy SHOP NOW 

Popski London
Cropped Teddy Coat SHOP NOW

Popski London Faux Fur
Egerton Double Breasted Coat Soft Fawn SHOW NOW 

Faye Faux Fur Gilet In Navy
Faye Faux Fur Gilet In Navy SHOP NOW 

Two Tone Faux Fur Jacket
Faux Fur Jacket Two Tone Pink SHOP NOW 


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