The Best Home & Décor Pieces: That Will Make Interior Designers Envious


When it comes to home & décor the first thing that catches most people’s infatuation, is the idea you can pick up pieces to highlight your homes custom space. What you represent in this haven is your own personal style file. Like fashion, our style reflects who we are, and this is the same rule when it comes to your home’s décor. What is making us addicted to interior design without really realising it, is how easy it can be to make everything unforgettable with a timeless element. 


H&M Interior
Photo: H&M Home 

As a person who thinks about long term use. It is always essential that you invest. We do this with our skin in beauty products, to what we wear, and even the bag we carry. Why not have this same attitude when it comes to our home & décor pieces? A lot of people love to decorate, and this can be the most fun and creative way to really let your inner artist come out and create something that is totally you. If you have ever watched makeover shows, you might think you have to be this big shot, so called “expert” to really know what you are doing. But believe it or not, this really isn’t needed or the case. 


H&M Home
Photo: H&M Home 

Anyone can be their own interior designer, if you know what theme you wish to express in your creative space. The best outlet that can really get things in motion, is a beautiful colour base. It can be fun to play with colour and as creative types that is the first thing our eye is drawn too. But make sure you think about what hues complement one another. It is always wise to stick with earth tones or classic colours. This way you can see what works for your own personal style. When it comes right down to the honesty factor, it is all about taste. People either have it or they don’t. You could be the best interior design mind on the planet but if you decide to install a gold toilet in your bathroom than you need to revaluate what it means to invest in home & décor timeless pieces.  


Photo: Home & Decor 

The best part about interior design, whether you are decorating your home office, refreshing your bedroom, or living area. You don’t have to have the most expensive budget. Investing in pieces can mean not paying a lot to make your place have the trendiest home & décor items that will envy most hot shot interior designers on the planet. 


Photo: Home & Decor 

I have complied a few examples, of the best home & décor pieces you can shop below, that will make so many interior designers envious. 


What pieces are you going to invest in for your home?


Written by Heather Noire  

Linen Cushion Pillow

Choose a focal point in a room where you feel the most safe. Where stress & anxiety just melts away and all you can do is feel a sense of tranquility. This is your bedroom. A linen cushion pillow from H&M is the perfect cozy item to really brighten up your space where you retire. 

Small Ceramic Vase

When you want to highlight earth tones and have a sense of a holiday villa feel. A small ceramic vase from H&M is the perfect standout piece to really transform your entire room. It looks so classy and timeless. 

Metal Table Mirror

I am a big fan of accessories, and the best one that can really be not only useful in your bathroom but can dress up your window area is a metal table mirror. It can be found at H&M and honestly, it is the perfect toilet accessory you can never go wrong with. 

Cushion Covers

You can totally hit the refresh button on your everyday boring cushions. It only takes a little bit of essential style to see that these cushion covers from H&M are the perfect accent to set off a rustic room. 

Large Stoneware Plate

Getting ready for the seasonal holidays, like Christmas, or new years. You always have to get that perfect centre piece or utensils, you can use this large stoneware plate to really impress your guests for dinner. 

Scented Candle in Glass Holder 

What makes for even a perfect gift to yourself or a loved one, is a scented candle in a glass holder. They come in different scents and styles. Plus you can feel relaxed and serene in your kitchen or living area. 

Bamboo Candle Lantern 

Bamboo candle latern spread a harmonious light and adds a cozy feel to your home. 

Flounce Duvet Cover Set

A duvet cover set in this stunning taupe hue is just so warm and inviting. It makes for the perfect essential set in a master bedroom or even a guest room. And the colour pattern can give ideas for other spaces. 

Wooden Storage Box

An antique-finish look is beauty in perfection with a wooden storage box. It can highlight the vintage elements of your space while still being incredibly modern. 

Large Stoneware Cup

Your favourite mug can be a great attention to your decor. Especially, since you use it daily. This large stoneware cup in dark green is not only stunning but goes well with your kitchen space. 


  1. I love home decor and am always looking for new ways to spruce up my home. These are all totally my vibe and love everything. Thanks for the inspo.


    1. No problem, happy to get your interior design love going.

  2. Loved seeing all this home decor inspo! I've been searching for some cute small vases for awhile!

    Eileen |

  3. Love all this decor inspiration! Those lanterns are so fabulous!

    1. They go perfectly in an outdoor setting or even an area inside.

  4. I love all of the pieces you've shared here, definitely the kind of style I like to go for. I personally prefer lots of earthy tones, woods and neutrals for bigger pieces that are likely to be around for a while and pops of colour/ more trend driven pieces for the smaller items that are easier to change x


  5. Love these pics. The spaces are so clean and bright!


  6. Wow! These are some amazing ideas. We are in the process of purchasing a condo and these are some great ideas you have shared. :-)

    1. Thanks so much. I am glad you found them helpful.

  7. All of these pieces are classic, timeless and can fit into so many aesthetic. Especially the stoneware and lanterns. Thank you for sharing!!

    Loren |

  8. I adore all of the pieces you've shown; they're just the kind of look I prefer. For larger pieces that are likely to be around for a while, I prefer lots of earthy tones, woods, and neutrals, and pops of color/trendier pieces for smaller objects that are easy to modify.
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  9. These are lovely decorative pieces to have at home and I like the inspiration pics! thanks for sharing :)

    Hope your week is going well and you have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. Loving all the decor tips + inspirational shots! Makes me want to redo a room or two :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. The bamboo lanterns are so beautiful! Love these inspirations!

  12. These are very lovely home decors
    Thanks for sharing