The Sexy Glamour Point Of View: Why Tailoring Is Having A Moment This Autumn

Before we fell in love with him for his transparent and honest critiques on 10 seasons of Project Runway, we already knew Michael Kors as the quintessential glamazonian tailored expert. He just knows exactly what it means to fit a woman’s body and extend her figure in the most positive and fabulous light. 


You instantly feel extraordinary when you put on his clothes. And this feeling has carried all the way through his entire career and continues today. He is known for his gorgeous ready-to-wear collections each season, but when it comes to a glamours point of view, his tailoring skills are giving some brands a run for their money. 


Another factor is his ability to make women feel like they are having a good time, like you are hundred percent life of the party, and the charismatic attitude makes others want to join.


 So many brands stick to an aesthetic that just works for them. And has for many years throughout their careers. But when it comes to a true customer base, hitting the refresh button can work in your favour. A lot of people have something to say. And when it comes to style & what you wear it defiantly doesn’t take a backseat to opinions. How do you make a happy medium? You don’t compromise, instead highlight the most important pieces to focus on. That is easy when it comes to tailoring having a strong effect for autumn and rightfully so. 


The glamour point of view with strong tailoring effects, can have that stand out approach, as well as an evening wear anywhere attitude that is just perfection. Imagine a little gold & black mixed with a strong print, this makes for the best standout style. If you are more minimalistic, the tailoring with a hint of glamour can work for you in more muted hues. 


I am a big fan of traditional tailoring being pumped up with a volume of glamour, that feels so elegant and unforgettable. 


Here are a few pieces, you can shop that will make your tailoring game that more chic & glamorous. 


What do you think of glamour tailored pieces being a hit in autumn? 


Written by Heather Noire 

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