5 Reasons Why The Power Suit Is Hot For Spring 2022

Timeless pieces that can be combined and styled in many ways forms a foundation for your wardrobe. They’re made to last, dependable, and transitional with your authentic style in mind. This is how I would describe a power suit for a modern woman. The suit itself, stands for strength, dependability, and just looks so gorgeous with practically anything you wear it with. Plus, you can rock the pieces individually for a hot style with any occasion in mind. 


The power suit will never go out of style, and it has been around for years. What is even better with age it just gets even more stunning every time it is presented in an iconic light.

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent Campaign 1980's

Don’t take my word for it, sure many times we see a look that comes back in fashion. Take the bucket hat for example, though I am pretty sure that shouldn’t have come back at all. When I say this suit style is forever stylish, I mean it on every iconic level. This isn’t your typical trend that comes out and is so saturated online that it puts you off trying it before you even start. No, my friend this is something extraordinary.

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

The power suit has this way off feeling dressed up but at the same time, it brings out your inner confidence and makes you proud to be a woman. Besides celebrating different holidays why not wear something that feels great when you have it on and gives that shot of confidence everyone desires. This happens when you hear your favourite song playing or watch a great old-time film you haven’t seen in ages. Or eat that much desired double fudge chocolate cake. Confidence can hit you in so many directions but there is something about a great power suit that can make you feel put together and ready to take on what the world must bring. 


        What makes a power suit iconic? At Bauchle Fashion, I have used a set off 5 guiding reasons of why the power suit is hot for spring 2022 and why you need to invest in one for yourself. 



Photo: Silk Maison BUY HERE 

The power suit isn’t a flaky trend. It is designed to live beyond the season. It doesn’t have to be worn just once. You can take this style from spring to summer and beyond. 


Photo: Silk Maison BUY HERE 


It is so stunning; the overall look is like a work off art. You can notice the excellent craftmanship of the tailoring. From stitch to seam the power suit investment is worth every bit.



Photo: Mango BUY HERE 

With the planet in mind. A lot of brands in fashion are using materials responsibly while preserving our world around us.   


Photo: Mango BUY HERE 

It matters to buy something that fits you like a glove. And this goes for the perfect power suit. The cut is wonderful with the wearer in mind. 


Photo: Mango BUY HERE 

Carefully crafted using the finest fabrics. You can see the result as being perfectly poisoned for a well-made garment. And luxury in the best materials is worth it. 


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What do you think about the power suit?


Written by Heather Noire 



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