Fashion's 2022 Forecast: Voluminous Trendy Silhouettes

Voluminous Silhouettes

From oversized dresses to balloon silhouettes and a continuation of flow with the puff sleeve trend, dresses and tops will retain their volume through the end of the year.

If anything, it stays consistent and will spice up those soft pants you’ll always be styling on the bottom of your put together outfit. Not to mention, the constant comfort level that comes with this voluminous silhouette. 


When it comes to volume, it isn’t just reserved for couture fashion anymore. Traditionally, couture style goes all out and creates these silhouettes that represents priceless works of art. And this gets translated into ready-to-wear pieces for everyone to rock. 


One retailor I can think of that’s taking the voluminous trend to a quirky and stylish level is H&M. This fashion giant is making all of us feel so pretty while still maintaining the comfort level everyone strives for. 


There are many more brands representing the vibrant ample movement with pride, but what is the best way to try out this craze for yourself? 


No worries, luckily, I have put together a few resourceful tips on how you can nail this hot new style and still stay cool while doing it justice. *Keep reading and shop some of these lovely pieces, so you can feel as if you are the weight of a cloud. 

Casual Volume Dress Silhouettes  

Voluminous Silhouettes

When trying out this volumizing trend you must keep in mind as consumers we like something easy with a whole lot of comfort attached. 

Something that isn’t complicated that feels like an effortless choice. 

Which makes this ideal for transitioning the dress from day to night-time. 

A Top with Added Height 

Puff Sleeved Top Trend 2022

High volume on blouses or tops are here to move in. And what better choice for testing out this rage of voluminous magic than making the top a massive focal point in the entire look you are sporting. It not only draws the eyes to your great sense off fashion, but it also reminds people that you are an expert when it comes to mixing masculine and feminine. 


Casually Expanding the Bottom 

Volume Trousers 2022 Trend

This style can only work if you are willing to wear looser pants and make them as relevant, as they were when they first became popular. It is an easy process that requires an excellent eye for taste. You can decide if you wish to keep your outfit simple or attempt this expanding silhouette with a fun and unique pattern. Colour blocking is a great example of this style. 


The 2022 Voluminous Accessory Edit 

Tom Ford Runway Getty Images

Clothing that is right on trend don’t always have to be the final choice You can also highlight voluminous accessories. They not only look good on but can really upgrade the entire outfit. If the idea of this unusual jewellery scares you, then trying a fabulous hat or handbag is the best choice for you. 


Flat Hair Is Dead Volume Is Back 

Glamour UK 2022 Hair Trends

It isn’t just great clothes or amazing accessories that get this trend right. Your hair must be part of the party as well. Most of us assume a clutch, a chic pair of shoes, or that incredible scarf completes my look. But no, your hair is essential here. So, using the right products can make all the difference. After the hair has been freshly washed, make sure to add anti frizz serum and mousse. It not only helps if you happen to have not very thick hair, but it really elevates your mood. Keep your lovely locks secure without skipping on those new heights.


Have I convinced you to try this voluminous silhouette trend yet? 


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Written by Heather Noire 






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  2. I just love this trend. And wear voluminous dresses all the time. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great article. I love finding out about fashion because i all wear is gym clobber and lounge wear. I need some inspo!

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  6. OMG, I LOVE that casual volume mini-dress in the first photograph!!!!!! It looks very pretty, very fashionable, and wonderfully feminine!!!!!! I also like the black lace blouse in the second photo and the Asos Design v-neck volume sleeve top with empire-waisted peplum hem in mustard floral (the sixth outfit piece in the shopping links). Fabulous fashion!!!!!!

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    1. I do too. All those things are the perfect combination. Merci x