Bauchle Fashion is an international fashion magazine known for it's short and informative articles, interviews, and trends with substance.

My vision when I created this site, was to give women and men an outlet to express themselves through new and vintage ways of dressing. Whether it is classical inclined, or power dressing status, anyone's vision for expressing themselves with fashion is welcome and celebrated. Discussing topics in Beauty, Lifestyle, Art, and so much more. Championing the idea that instead of thinking outside of the box, imagine there is no box. 

Highlighted is OOTD street styles from some chic people who just know how to dress. And my own personal style posts because I am a classic dresser with some stylish edge. I love having my readers learn something new, like history of a brand, to how to wear this trend right to fit into your own personal wardrobe. My fashion advice is crucial to those who want to have fun when it comes to their individuality and showcase that across my magazine site. 


Heather Noire founded Bauchle Fashion in 2006, with a creative idea to reimagine how women and men can benefit from a stylish and honest outlet that has valuable content.
You can inspire for yourself, while shopping for products online in a hassle free way. I give product reviews, brand endorsements and much more through my collaboration posts. And I have worked with many brands such as, Aurate, SKIMS, Basic Invite, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, The Real Real, and Fashionphile, just to name a few. And I am expanding my work even further.