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Welcome to the magazine, readers!

Bauchle Fashion is an online editorial and lifestyle magazine that specializes in the latest trends in street-style, FW, MFW, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, interviews, and menswear. Bauchle offers fun and chic ways to let your inner fashionista shine through. Expressing who you are with what you wear is what this site is all about.

 I believe that less is more and so does my readers. Bauchle Fashion was born in cold winter of 2014 and blossomed during the springtime. Currently, my clean, professional design with a hint of being innovative attracts more and more people every day. The magazine has helpful, fun, and honest advice on how to wear trends, and how to explore your own style through a passion for fashion. It isn’t just for the girls, the boys can get a tip now and then with the menswear section, which includes, grooming, trends, and even men’s fashion week.

I love classic investment pieces, that make you look polished. When it comes to my favourite fashion, classic and edgy defiantly sums up my own personal style.

With background in Fashion, Media, Exceptional Writing Skills, BF understands the importance of technology and branding. If you are interested in my services in collaborations, campaigns, or more, you’ll not only get exceptional work that you are excited about, but I can guarantee that every piece of work I do with you will be consistent and tailored for your brand in the classiest way possible.



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