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11 January 2017

Street Style Underground

A head turning year for fashion lovers. Captured on the streets of New York, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Paris and other cities with a vibrant and avant-garde fashion scene, these exceptional images are celebrating the spirit of unconventional style and the people who flaunt it.

“The best fashion show is always on the street. Always has been, always will be,” legendary street style photographer Bill Cunningham. In recent years, an increasing number of photographers have caught on to the secret. With an explosive popularity of photographers, and fashionistas documenting the outfits of passers-by on city streets and around the globe, hundreds of photographers chasing chic street stars outside runway shows have become a ubiquitous feature for fashion week.

More people are dressing with cameras in mind; as a result, cool outfit’s and mind blowing accessories have gotten wider exposure online.

In 2017, a world wind tour of international style, from extravagant fashion attendees decked out in Fendi, Celine, and Chanel, to more eccentric trendsetters giving us a first look into some of our favourite high-end designers, as well as newcomers we never heard of before. The freedom of expression is becoming widely celebrated with art imitating life through what we wear. This year seems to be the ultimate gallery calendar for 2017, with every week, month, even day, becoming ultra-expressive.
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5 January 2017

Oscar de la Renta Monochrome

In a complicated world, trends are all over the place. As we come into 2017, it seems we are madly in love with the new prints popping up on the runways this season. The most loved graphic is the monochrome design. Designers like Charlotte Olympia, Louis Vuitton, and Kurt Geiger London are applying this pattern into their latest collection for January.

If you’re like me and love this new hot fashion trend but don’t know where to start pulling it off? Don’t worry, apply the monochrome or tonal colour rule to a batch of printed patterns. Polka dots, stripes, chequerboard, when approached with one palette the combination can be endless.

There’s something reassuring about clean, simple black-and-white, especially when it’s organized logical stripes, grids, and figure flattering vertical planes. The look is modern, chic, and assertive-but never in your face-and shines of pure elegance.
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29 December 2016

Pretty in Pink NYE Style

The outset of 2017 offers to all of us a symbolic moment to resolve, to move forward, and to do so with confidence and determination that whatever challenges we face heading into the new year ahead, we will meet them with courage and dignity-and while keeping our heads held high. The last couple of months have really gone by so fast, it feels like one year just vanished in the blink of an eye. Now it is time to look forward, as we step into 2017 with a bang! There is a new air of romantic glam, with ease in fashion as resort collections tease us with the promise of drifting away on some colourful, bold, and statement adventures, while keeping us new and relevant.

The city is chic this season, with Christmas celebrations heading to a close, it is time to be blown away by a New Year’s Eve spectacular look! When you look through the gifts you received for Christmas, most will be hoping you got something swanky for this year’s festivities. If you are not sure the best way to ring in the new year in style, check out my downtown city look for rocking into 2017 with Pretty in Pink NYE Style.

While exaggerated glitters dominate the street scene, edge towards more of a romantic silhouette. Rooted in cool luxury with an English rose colour and soft yet sophisticated fabric, you get this body hugging vintage rose dress! Paired perfectly with beige heels and a mode styled coat, to keep you toasty warm during old New Year’s night. This style combined makes for a very classy look that is versatile for other occasions as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I love glitter, gold, silver, or anything that stands out but if you wear something that can’t be worn again then it just seems pointless. The best way to pick out the perfect outfit is to dress in something you can wear with many different types of looks. The rose pink dress is made of this stretchy fabric that can be shown off casually shopping in the city, then be worked over with a coat for a hot date night out with your loved one. The coat, dress, and shoes, are all part of the timeless collection. These pieces can be worn by themselves for added luxury.
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21 December 2016

A Season Of Style

The weather outside may be frightful, but the style is so delightful. From oversized tailored coats to metallic tops, the fashion this season is really heating up. As we step into Christmas, there is a new pair of femininity and ease, mixed with glamour in fashion as metallic fabrics tease us with the allure of joy and magic this season, while keeping us ready for wherever the weather may take us. Comfort dressing is elevated from a downtown favourite into an all-occasion staple, while exaggerated silhouettes dominate daywear. For elegance rooted in cool luxury and relaxed strength, now is the time to embrace change, with as much or as little drama as you like.
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14 December 2016

After Hours

When we began shooting on location in the city for this month’s Christmas Countdown issue, I never thought how art played a key role in bringing our story to life. After all, 2016 has been truly an exciting year, with so much going on it feels very topsy-turvy at times. Why not ring in the new year with a very glamorous reveal! The evening edit is packed with a modern silhouette in timeless black to be worn after hours. For this occasion, this outfit will keep you looking chic long into the night.
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7 December 2016

All I Want For Christmas Is Pixie

History (from Greek historians, meaning “inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation”) is the study of the past as it is described in written documents. So why is something that was created in the past, becoming relevant to us today? Many designers are being inspired on the runways with old fashioned designs. Reinventing seems to be the name of the game and what is old is defiantly new once again. Let’s take a trip away from the catwalk collections, and browse at the shop windows in the city.
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29 November 2016

Conversation's With Nick

The idea for this creative issue came to me in the Fall. I was working on many other exciting projects and started to miss doing some thought provoking interviews. I love getting to know the person a bit more and see what is behind their creative image. Have you ever watched an interview on TV or read one online and thought, they ask these questions a lot it feels repetitive? I don’t know about you but I prefer hearing and reading the unexpected. I have gotten to know quite a lot of creative forces in the fashion and art industry. It seems everyone who loves to express themselves wishes to let their voices be heard.

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23 November 2016

Animal Attraction

  As far as this season’s trend alert is concerned, Leopard print is defiantly a neutral tone. It is a favourite to many chic fashion folk, who are not afraid to step outside the beige box. Some enjoy wearing the print regularly, often wearing up to five leopard things at once; coat, shirt, bag, shoes, and even carrying wild cat tissues. And, no, you don’t look crazy-you look cool as hell!
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16 November 2016

Top 5 Gifts For Men

“May you have joy to the world in this December season,” summing up the tone in a nutshell. On certain days, from different angles, the world looks upside down. People are rushing into stores, looking for the best products to buy for their families, friends, and anyone who is close enough to feel related. It has become one of the biggest trends in 2016, to start Christmas shopping a few months earlier.

When you look at the calendar it is only November but from the looks of holiday commercials popping up, decorations appearing all around, it seems like Christmas is becoming more currant. Why are people shopping so early though? Well by popular belief, it seems the best prices on must have items is to good not to pass up. Many retailers are having massive sales to lure customers in to get the best deal. Nothing wrong with saving especially if you get something truly special.

What is the best way to handle holiday stress? Simply go to your nearest café and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. It may sound cliché but studies have shown doing something you enjoy can actually bring down stress levels. For some strange reason, it seems a lot of people act so crazy when the holidays come around. It is better for your state of mind if you just don’t take it so seriously.
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15 November 2016

The Ultimate Jet Set Gift

   Historically, the month of December reigns supreme in jewellery sales. A shiny new pair of unforgettable earrings, topped with an equally impressive necklace to match is the ultimate luxury gift. What is a luxury gift? Something that can give you the feeling of a precious item that can become dear to your heart.
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9 November 2016

The Evolution Of Cashmere

It’s that time of the year again, where warm hearted season jingles are playing in every store corner you visit. The lines at cafés for hot piping coffee are longer then when the new IPhone came out. All the so called “best stuff” is selling out quick in stores and online. You feel a sense of chilly weather in the air and all you can do is smile. I love this time of year; wait isn’t it just November? From the looks of things, you would assume it was the December season. With the way people are acting it feels like it is begging to look a lot like Christmas.

I don’t mind the holiday music, long lines, or even the traffic. This is one of the best times of year to bundle up and enjoy the seasonal cheer! Wait a second, how can you enjoy this weather unless you have the proper clothing to sport in these chillier temperatures?

It isn’t just about staying warm and toasty this winter season; we all need those timeless pieces in our wardrobe that makes us feel a touch of chicness. Those items that can cocoon you in pure luxury when you put them on. They never lose their appeal- classic, yet always on trend, leaving us sighing in contentment when we find them in our wardrobes.
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2 November 2016

D&G Redifined

Every year, about a month before I go on holiday, I find myself poring over what to wear. Eventually, I end up picking out a pair of skinny jeans, a sweater, or leather jacket. Why is this? I tend to be more drawn towards jeans, since they are highly versatile and go with everything in your wardrobe.

My style selection can be very dressy since I’m also attracted to feminine floral skirts, a classy black v-neck blouse, and of course, black pumps. This makes for a classic style that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and the Grace Kelly days. I love old fashioned movies starring these two beauties who became icons in the fashion industry.
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