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12 October 2017

City Style: A Velvet Touch

When we first think of velvet, it comes across as a dressy alterative to other fabrics. Put velvet in the category of a casual affair and it doesn’t seem to make much sense. The fabric is very soft with a luxe appeal, that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

With the season’s changing comes a big splurge of velvet peaking its head through, boots, scarfs, dresses, jackets, and even blouses. The feel of this fabric is undeniable and super chic. Designers like, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Michael Kors, and Gucci, are showcasing velvet with a rich complex for Autumn. Crushed stylish velvet pieces flooded our minds with an addictive appeal.
Photography: Olivia Monikar 

It also has longevity and is worth investing in, but does this mean you have to give all your money away on a high-end piece? Defiantly, no! The easiest way to introduce a bit of the fabric into your wardrobe without looking like a 1920’s countess, is by making the fabric wearable. No matter where you live or travel to around the globe, it is important to find a versatile item you can wear in any climate condition. This is wear introducing a velvet top into your life this fall is worth the excuse to go shopping.

Advantages To Velvet 

There are a number of advantages to wearing a velvet blouse-it looks appealing, it can be perfect for a cocktail hour, or special nigh time event. It keeps you warm and can be very comfortable when wearing for hours. No itchy material what so ever, so no needed to change tops if you are almost late for your morning meeting. Work aside, the best thing about this blouse is you can always rock it casual.  
Photography: Olivia Monikar

When I spotted this top, I feel in love with it immediately. To my surprise, most of the other colours were left in the dust. No one wanted them and everyone seemed to be buying the emerald green velvet blouse instead. As I tried on this colour I could see what the hype was all about. When wearing this with a pair of skinny jeans, and shiny liquid silver kitten heel boots, I felt like there was an edgy dressy vibe that could work truly casual, while going on an adventure in the city.         

  1. Velvet Green Blouse
  2. Levis Mile High Super Skinny Jeans
  3. Michael Kors Sadie Patent Leather Satchel
  4. Silver Ankle Boots (Similar) 

Best part about rocking a fun look like this? Getting a billion complements on my style. I said thank you so many times, I thought my head was going to spin. This was when I realised I deserved a nice coffee break to warm the soul.
Photography: Olivia Monikar 

I love how velvet can have such a wide appeal globally and for these extra cooler months why not take this look with adding your own personal favourite layers. A coat or leather jacket can take this outfit to even more incredible lengths.
Photography: Olivia Monikar

How do you wear velvet this season?

Got style questions? I’m here to listen. Email me at and I will get back to you soon.

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1 October 2017

Fall Preview: Purple Haze

When we first think of the colour purple, what comes to mind is purple rain by the legendary Prince. As a creative artist, his attire was always so glittery and daring. Purple combines the stability of the blue colour and the energy of red. Through the ages, purple has always been associated with royalty, nobility, and prestige. The colour itself can symbolize mystery, magic, power and luxury.
Prince: Photo Getty Images

Purple combined with gold can be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance. The tone gives the impression of something that is fun and highly upbeat. Violet vibrations are the highest in the visible spectrum. The colour symbolizes the union of body and soul, which creates a balance between our physical and spiritual energies.

Fall 2017 is filled with top trends, and there’s one we can’t take our eyes off. The scrumptious and delicious shade of purple. From lilac to violet, this gorgeous colour has emerged as a classic trend for Fall. It brings to mind autumns desire for rich, deep hues. These shades are splashed on the season’s fashion-forward designs. An unbeatable combination, of chic luxe aligns, and makes for a whole new upbeat way to rock purple.
Versace 2018 Show: Photo Indigital 

If you wish to stand out in a beautiful evening look, or trying out some new pieces on a day out shopping there’s a tone for you. With a variety of different shades, to suit and flatter every skin tone out there, this trend is accessible to all.  
Photo: InStyle Street Style

Party Dress- Purple can be absolutely regal, but it is also a perfect colour for a party or evening out, as any fashionista at heart is aware. Combing two fall trends at once is a skill. Instead of wearing a plain purple dress, try mixing it up with lace another trend this season.  Take a cue with some simple black accessories to tie this look together.  

Street Style: Photo Vogue UK
Simple Touches- If you feel like purple can intimidate you, or you can’t see it looking great on you have no fear. To really get a feel for this tone, try adding some accessories to your outfit. If you are heading on a shopping spree, the best accessory is sporting a purple handbag. Mix it with a blush tone skirt and a pale purple jumper. By adding minimal accessories, you leave the bold bag to get all the star-studded attention.

Street Style: Photo WhoWhatWear 
Signature Coat- If you are still not that girl who is brave enough for a purple accessory, no worries try another trending look. Adding a signature coat to your ensemble! Maintaining sophistication, this deep violet purple coat is suitable for the most casual of occasions. It has a deep v-plunging neckline that is universally flattering. When paired with a simple crispy white jumper and skinny jeans, makes for a gorgeous look.

Street Style: Photo Steve Madden
Velvet Affair- So many trends are here. The best way to showcase your fun side, is with a pair of velvet ankle boots. This material can be both dressy and casual. Pair these lush boots with a pair of jeans and a warm cardigan.

Office Wear: Photo J Crew Vogue UK

Office Wear- Last but certainly not least, office wear. Whether you are having a casual Friday or decided to add more of a dressy flare. Adding a bold purple pencil skirt can make a world of a difference to your look. Make your skirt the focal point of the style, by wearing lighter accessories.

How do you wear purple this season?

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