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20 March 2017

Stripes With Attitude For Spring

Welcome to the March fashion issue of pattern heaven. As you may have noticed, we’re shiny and new. And as the seasons are changing so are the fashion trends too! In the spirit of my editorial philosophy, “mix and match,” I’m going to keep things chic. Time and time again a pattern resurfaces on the catwalk, graces the red carpet with a bang, and parades the street style wardrobes of the uber-fashionable. This season has been no exception, with the likes of celebrities hitting refresh on the time honoured trend of stripes with a nod to colour.

Even though spring is here and summer is just right around the corner, as fashion lovers we tend to have a love hate relationship with trends. Now is the time to start considering trying something new with the style change. You may think in your head that you can’t pull these looks off but chances are you just might surprise yourself in a positive way.

They might be unforgiving at times, but thanks to the new wave of bold print and graphic colour, stripes have been given a new life reworked as they were into bold strands of colour. Believe it or not, stripes have been a favoured summer staple. When the sunshine arrives summer peaks it’s head. This retro pattern that also gives a modern take to style, is becoming highly versatile for all climates and season’s alike. When you mix stripes into your everyday wardrobe, you are able to introduce the trend without feeling overwhelmed.

Bold and bright has paved the way, venturing into revamping the classic. Fun and flirty crop tops paired with tailored printed trousers provides and elegant appeal with a forties silhouette. The accessories were also enlivened: clutch bags, platform wedges, when cast in chunky stripes. Making an impact with accessories is to go very minimal. That way the main focus is on your gorgeous pattern.

Alternatively, if you’re a little too scared to take on the new stripes trend, you can work your way up and introduce little bits of the print with a blouse being the star of the show, a pair of trousers, long flowing dress, or a great handbag.

Once you are feeling more comfortable with the stripes then just add the volume.

To earn your fashion stripes and showcase the print with attitude this spring, you should be brave and banish the shy look and go as bold as you can be.
The only way to be brave, is to go all out. A crop top and loose trouser makes this style uber chic.
When all else fails what do you do? Play it casual in a bold pattern dress. Not only will you be on point but comfy as well.
Feeling like you are on holiday, is the best way to start Spring off right. Go for graphics and don't look back!
Mix and match trends! It is a risk but if done correctly, can be super funky. A crop top blouse and skirt makes things retro and flirty.
Olivia has the right idea. She paired the stripe trend in a more casual setting. Her flats say feminine without resorting to heels.

Written by Heather Lisa Noire
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16 March 2017

The Colour That Is Red Hot

When this season was being pulled together, a happy energy emerged that seemed almost electric. Can you believe it is already spring? It seems like just yesterday everyone was frantically searching for that fresh winter coat. Even though the weather is changing in some parts of the world. It seems trends are becoming sort of confusing.

The colour of the season, according to one ‘fashion expert’ was burgundy. Last I checked, that seems more of a fall or winter tone. As a fashion fanatic myself, I can’t see burgundy being a thing. Especially for spring!

When you first think of spring time, what comes to most people’s minds is pink or pastel colours. That may indulge some people’s tastes but personally, I prefer something a bit more daring. Floral prints have been showing up in catalogues with flowy dresses and charismatic presence, it still doesn’t seem to catch my attention.  

After a very long winter, everyone craves a little colour and there’s nothing like a pop of bright red to instantly lift your mood to a natural high.

I know what you’re thinking, how can red be any different then wearing burgundy? The difference is even though red can sometimes be considered a seasonal colour, it tends to have more of a vibrancy that keeps customers and fans coming back for more.

Even if you are a style conscious individual who can’t be bothered with trends, rocking this bright colour can change your thoughts in a heartbeat.
Speaking of style, there is nothing chicer than painting the town in a beautifully toned red colour. I have always thought of red as a romantic tone, it gives off this passionate feel while still embodying a classy element. 

Designers like, Alexander McQueen, Gucci & Valentino are all adopting the luscious red trend in these crimson styles for the new spring collections. If you wish to stand out from a darker gloomier background, than take a trip with some gorgeous colourful ensembles.  
Below is a select mix of embellished gowns, elegant separates and silk dresses from the spread. These styles shine by being alluring and adventurous, while celebrating the most powerful colour of the season. Worn with a gown up confidence and poise, these looks will defiantly be turning heads. 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

Photography by Regan Cameron
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6 March 2017

How Bazaar-Street Style Accessories

Why are show pieces so popular? When it comes to the up rise in popularity with street style photography, it seems more of us are obsessed with artistic accessories and styles. With being trend enthusiasts and classic lovers when it comes to fashion, why are we so transcended towards these bazaar accessories?

Some of these pieces we set our sights on are flat out strange almost bazaar. So what really draws us? Maybe we secretly wish we could wear them like our own favourite pair of leather leggings. Or could it be that our eyes are guided towards the artistic ability of what the item might be trying to say to us. Could high fashion art on the streets be trying to speak to us? From a normal person’s point of view, this could sound mad! Obviously, we can’t have a full on conversation with these items, but psychologically this could be true.

We know through history that most artists create images that almost speak to them. As consumers, we can almost feel what this person was thinking as they painted certain subjects. Mona Lisa for example, is the biggest conspiracy of all. Many spectators believe the artist painted a self-portrait of himself as a woman. Others, believe it was of a young girl or early model sitting for the self-portrait. Whatever you believe, it all comes down to one thing, art speaks to us in one way or another.
Mona Lisa Painting 

How do we understand this? Look at our emotions and how we react to bold colours, exotic prints, and unique styles. It fascinates us to obtain the desire of making these pieces our own. The best way to figure this out is by trying to fit some of these styles into our own wardrobe without looking silly in the process.

Let it be known that style stops for no one. Not even days upon days of constant heat, snowy weather, or buckets of raining cats and dogs! How tragic I know but no matter your weather forecast, you can still flaunt these styles even out, while getting your regular decaf latte with a side order of fashion.

Considering how much the industry loves a good non – water proof fabric (leather, faux-fur, animal print, suede), creating a look that is practical as it is chic takes innovation, pure creativity, and some amazing styling pros. Is it an easy thing to do? No. But these amazing styles from all over the globe, make it look so simple.

Below are some styles you can try out for yourself. Let your inner masterpiece come out with a bang! Who knows, maybe you are your own Picasso in the making and not even know it yet.

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Clutch

Gucci Black Shoes
Gucci Milan Street Style 
Gucci graphic bomber, Milan Street Style
All Clear Accessories 
Gucci Shopping Bag Tote 

  Topshop Jaded Glitter Clutch 

Distressed Leather Clutch 
Floral Glitter Clutch

Gold Metallic Wonder Bag

Checkered Bord Clutch 

Graffiti Classic Clutch 

Back to basics, classic Celine bag

Classic black tote 

Edgy cross-body bag 

Bazaar suit pattern 

Most chicest odd city. Milan Street Style

Milan Street Style 

Written by Heather Lisa Noire

Photography NY Mag, Who What Wear UK, Vogue

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