"Five Ways Women Can Be Taken Seriously in the Workplace"

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Do you ever feel like even in 2016 that women are not created equal? In a male dominate world this has us second guessing ourselves, especially in the Business Industry. We still battle to achieve the same recognition and respect as our male colleagues. From a male’s perspective, women are treated quite fairly but in reality this is far from the truth. In fact, many female co-workers feel they can’t be taken seriously in the boardroom, filled with nicely polished suited male counterparts. Some women feel isolated and at a loss especially when they see male colleagues getting the better projects or the most recognition for working hard and being efficient. However, many women get the most horrible projects to work with and their ideas dismissed when brought up in meetings. Most shocking is when men brought up similar ideas, and were told how great they were.

I noticed online many company’s websites that most of the people that were in the forefront were men. Sophie Cornish, an online entrepreneur, author and cofounder of “notinthehighstreet.com(NOTHS). She spoke about the business world freely. “Men still control the majority of businesses and there are far too many all-male boards. Men still see gender first and business credentials second. Unconscious bias is rampant and it is still much harder for a woman to have a successful career than a man.” Some women don’t know how to be taken seriously in the workplace surrounded by men. It can be a major challenge and you might not know where to begin.

Here are five proven ways women can be taken seriously in the workplace.

"Cannes Fever"

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Reflected surrounding light to its viewer in a captivating sparkle mosaic pattern. It is “light performance” that truly captivates the star-studded moment of instant beauty. Like a rare glorifying diamond, the Mediterranean Sea is a body of global treasure. The highest optical performances in a variety of beautiful buildings, that dances so freely as they gently hug the sea with charm. Nothing could compare to this intense and glorifying heated moment. 

The dazzling blaze in the sky ignited the sparks between us both! Our souls became one as we watched over the inner glow of the French Rivera. The infamous romantic mystique captivates interest, while being intertwined with the intrigue of To Catch A Thief. While the handsome and ideal gent, Carry Grant and the polished to perfection of elegance, Grace Kelly get to know one another over a perfectly poured sweet glass of wine, let us bask in the seductive elements of Cannes! 

It is one of the most sought after places to visit for its luxury shopping and countless star studded events. One in particular, that is on everyone’s must have wish list is the Cannes Film Festival. In 1947, the festival was held as the “Festival du film de Cannes”, where films from sixteen countries were presented. Additionally, given massive media exposure, the non-public festival is attended by many movie stars and is a popular venue for film producers to launch their new films. In an attempt to sell their work as a global art form to distributors who come from all over the globe. 

If you’re a die-hard fan for the styling world, look no further then the chic silhouettes on the festivals red carpet. Bauchle Fashion has compiled some fabulous festival looks that will cause major style envy! So many old Hollywood inspired dresses that were just so stunning they captivated the heart with one sparkle. 

Where do you begin collecting the images of each dress becoming their own century exhibition?

 Embarking on a global hunt to unearth the greatest treasures of the top festivals fashion picks of all time.

"Sunset Palette"

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No matter how many we encounter, there’s just something about a sunset that ignites the pure adrenaline of imagination. Perhaps it’s the undefined romance, or the lovely memories of salty, sun kissed holiday skin, or simply the magic of that moment when dusk turns to night. Yes, right about now some countries are still feeling the cold snap of winter, but fashion is forever rushing forward. 

Summer is one of those enigmatic seasons when it comes to style. For most men, it’s hard to determine just how dressed down or dressed up you should be for certain occasions. When it comes to our own judgment we usually leave the house thinking the look is perfection. How exactly should outside summer be perceived? Broken down into the 4s’s of course! Keep your eye on the ball and think about a pulled together look that includes, shirts, shoes, shorts, and sunglasses. 

If there’s ever a time to really hold back and pare it down, it’s summer. This seasons dressing is really all about stripping down and going back to basics. It got designers thinking, too; from the warm fiery sun beating down on your back, to the glowing sunset hues why is there not a specific summer collection for men that can be versatile? 

This May, it seems that has just changed for the better, with the retailer Marks and Spencer launching a brand new beachwear range under the David Gandy for Autograph collection. David and the M&S design team have developed a capsule collection of ten key holiday pieces, in a range of coordinating colours, that are light and practical while taking the stress off of trying to pack and style together a winning look.

 The line offers choices that are light, quick, chic, and simple. What to expect? We take a first look at what will make your heart sing the very second the thermometer starts to rise, from the next-level of energizing style that play a starring role in this glorifying range.

"If Bags Could Talk"

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At the end of a winding lane bordered by a tangle of wild roses lies a magical street scene busting out with noise and bright lights. The eyes stare quiet freely as if it was a gently manicured showpiece in a ravishing art gallery. To the sounds of high-powered cars crashing on the streets, this noise unfolds like the petals of a flower in so many surprising and delightful ways, a pleasure still fresh to those who sense its presence.

 An elaborate garden spread out to create a roaring music that plays so freely through the scene. The sides of the buildings were woven into ancient styled carpets with a glowing architecture that truly captures the eye. The friction of the street automatically stops you in your tracks, you find yourself in a trance of hypnotization. You can’t control this feeling of wanting and desire! It takes over your entire soul the feeling of wanting to faint is evident. What could possibly make you react this way to something so stunning? A nicely styled luxury handbag of course! Every woman thinks a diamond is a girls best friend, the truth is most would rather have a beautiful purse instead. 

The term “purse” originally referred to a small bag for holding coins. A “handbag” is a larger accessory that holds objects beyond currency, such as a woman’s personal items. By the late 18th century, fashions in Europe inspired silhouettes of Ancient Greece and Rome. For every woman today, a handbag is the most valuable accessory to invest in. 

While on the street, it feels like the appropriate moment to sit down, take a deep breath and compose your thoughts on the theme of the latest issue, which is a luxe bag. Do you buy it or do you not? You have to think very carefully about this decision since it can be a tough one. Elsewhere in style, we explore the mingled emotion of class and beauty that makes us love this popular accessory even more. 

If the sharp edited suit makes the man, then the perfectly styled bag makes the lady. Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone’s clothes and your eyes immediately dart directly towards the bag instead? We all do this while getting inspired by walking around the hectic city. Did you ever wonder what your choice of bag could say about you? The style of your bag or designer you choose speaks volumes about your personality. 

Find out where you fall into the spectrum, and go just a bit further to see which bag is perfect for you. 

"Award Winning"

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Not many magazines have sparked creativity for 100 years, but Bauchle Fashion has-and throughout 2016 will be celebrating that achievement. Launched in 2014, when you could barely find a magazine blog in existence. Bauchle Fashion was an immediate (if surprising) success. It might have been thought that a magazine site devoted to fashion for mainly women and beauty topics couldn’t have been more common, but the opposite was true. 

Why bother when so many other sites can offer fashionable content. Well, it seems no one had insider knowledge and helpful advice that helped such a wide audience. Around 2015, I decided to expand the site and offer advice for men as well. Why you might ask? Men need easy tips so they can look like GQ models in seconds and express their own style in the process. Bauchle Fashion thrived, offering a mix of practical advice, intelligent commentary and an insider view –a recipe that survives today. The magazine has commissioned and helped show off an astounding collection of vivid images that expressed the soul of each post. 

I may be biased, but I doubt that anybody who reads this versatile content will come away disappointed. Learning about really amazing designers, photographers, models, and other artists, takes the audience into a fun atmosphere when you read the quirky in depth interviews. You feel as if you are at a café sitting and chatting with the person, who is being asked questions. These are just a few of the names that will captivate any lover of the magazine, and many others who are interested in the entertainment industry, photography, and social creativity. Geri nominated me for the getting to know you award, also know as the (Liebster Award). Thanks so much for this award nomination. If you don’t know what this is exactly, you just answer 11 questions and nominate other people to get know each other a bit better.

 In case you are curious if there was anything scandalous, here are my answers to the 11 questions asked below. 

"The Grooming Awards"

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Men’s grooming has had its origins from the begging of evolution. The more the dominant male stood out from his competition, the greater his chance of getting ahead in life while attracting a mate in the process. It is for this reason why men will always have a predisposition towards their personal grooming habits in a very competitive society. 

Taking care of ones features can enhance the external appearance of beauty. This became known as the basic requirements for a deep inner feeling of pure happiness and longevity. Like a prize-winning car, most men prefer to take care of the windshield and make certain it is running in tiptop shape. The shield should always be clear and spotless; this became the same rule with your skin. 

In 10,000 BC, men were using scented oils and ointments to get rid of dirt and oil so the skin would be clean and soft. The fatty oils of olive and sesame were combined with fragrant plants to create Neolithic ointments for the use of daily men’s skin care. Egyptians used oils and creams for protection against the hot Egyptian sun and dry lands. Thyme, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, was just some of the ingredients used in men’s creams for hygiene and health purposes.

 The marketplace swelled up as products for men became even more in demand. Everyone was enthusiastically enjoying the fun and freedom to express themselves through good grooming habits. Popular treatments included, rosemary water for the hair, scalp, and sage to whiten teeth. Elderflower ointment for the skin and bathing in wine became a regular practice in society. Unknowingly, men in the early century had an obsession with having a beautiful psychical appearance. 

In today’s society, the same rituals are done every moment to be one step ahead of the modern competition. As a young lad focusing on the right grooming habits can be so confusing. You practically see so much information you feel as if your head is about to explode.

 Don’t worry, here are the top 5 grooming habits every modern gent should be on top of. 

"Cheating With Rouge"

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No matter how strong our bond together, I just new it wasn’t going to last forever like in the fairy tale books. The allure and excitement of when we first met, it was pure paradise and electric. Not many people can sit over coffee and enjoy the morning sun without worrying about anything budging. The euphoria of being so speechless with the guarantee that we would always be together, just us two and that nothing could come between us. Jumping for joy, in knowing deep down I had trust in my relationship. We were always close and seemed to complement each other so well especially when others came into the picture. 

Emphasizing over the past few years, we could never see ourselves being unfaithful. It was like cupid set us together to become so intertwined our bond could never be broken. Fast forward a few months later and the unhappiness starts to become even more evident. The emotional awareness is so explosive, with sadness becoming a more common theme. The feeling of disappointment lingered as I started to realize our love for one another was no longer alive. The evident question came to my mind out of the blue, is cheating the right thing to do? Most people will tell you no! I could never be unfaithful or introduce something new into my life. It will never be the same and basically you will feel as if your life has come crashing down. The stigma will stick with you if you let it. No one wishes to be labeled, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” As much as it seemed unfair, the fears of you’re cheating becoming a permanent personality trait that lurked in my gut continuously.

 We are taught that we’re two types of people: those who cheat and those who don’t. Is it really taboo to cheat? It is considered bad and even looked down upon by some in the community. For the start to the spring 2016 season, it only makes sense to express your individuality without the fear of holding onto to something that has become invisible. 

Here are five helpful expert tips, helping you to cheat with confidence. 

"House Of Metallic"

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Gold and silver have been used since ancient times as decoration in the clothing and textiles of kings, leaders, nobility, and people of high status. Historically, the metallic thread was constructed by wrapping a metal strip around a fiber core (cotton or silk), often in such a way as to reveal the colour of the fiber core to enhance visual quality of the decoration. Ancient textiles and clothing woven from wholly or partly gold threads is sometimes referred to as Cloth of Gold. Gold is the most desired of all metals; a single gram can be beaten into a sheet that is thin enough to become transparent. The transmitted light appears greenish blue, because gold strongly reflects yellow and red. Although gold is the most noble of the noble metals, it still forms many diverse compounds. The colour alone can be very reflective, while becoming the most dominant in its chemistry.

 Imagine stepping into a lift/elevator made of solid brassy gold. You can’t keep your eyes off the detailing and pure electricity of this elite structure. Where am I going? Maybe to a fancy cocktail party or possibly another part of the building that has become a dreamy unknown. How exciting! When we envision the colour gold, positivity floats into our minds and takes us to happy places. Coming off strong and alluring, perhaps gold has a reputation of being a bit mischievous especially in medieval times. It is believed that something so beautiful and rare has been shown to be good for your health. 

Every once in awhile a trend comes along that everyone just has to own right now! The top trend for April has to be oh so shiny metallic! I don’t know what it is but when we think of metallic’s we think of glamour and pure fun mixed with a wide spread of personality. Traditionally, we associate metallic for a date night look only, which isn’t really true. You can rock this tone every single day of the week and all season long. Fashion’s cool new attitude reflects the dressed-up street-wear, mixed with dressed-down couture is the next area of chic. 

It’s not news that the fash-pack has expensive taste, but the solid gold accessories, and clothes took bling to a new level. If you want to shine and be the centre of attention, you need these 5 must have items that are so hot right now.

"Street Smarts"

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In the past few decades, menswear has blurred the lines between smart and casual, shirts have begun to lose their pockets, collarbones and even sleeves and buttons have gotten into the revamping game. Now it seems the traditional suit does not represent the businessman any more, Donatella Versace proclaimed, “Nor does the loud shirt represent the rock star. The same man can now wear both.” The very idea of having a trained dress code for men to follow has become rather boring. No lad in this decade wishes to go by a one-dimensional blue print. 

The casualty of the men’s wardrobe has really started to muddy the waters, particularly for those who used to rely on formality. How do you wear a shirt without a tie? When you pass by an advertisement for the latest new styles for the season, on the model it can look rather spiffy! Reality is how do you put this super look together and not look like a disaster? The only way to survive in the fashion game is to become rather “Street Smart.” A person who has a lot of common sense when it comes to fashion knows what is going on in the world. This person understands all groups in the style field and is up on all the latest trends. 

Not everyone can become a male fashion guru overnight, so don’t feel you have to be an expert in order to dress sharp. Having your own independent state of mind can really reevaluate your style game! A street smart person listens to advice and understands how to rework those tips into their own style. Here are 5 useful ways to become more dashingly street smart! 
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